Goodell suggests that Vick underwent psychiatric testing

Rahsaan HuntContributor IJuly 27, 2009

From Pro Football Talk
By Mike Florio

During a Monday afternoon press conference discussing the decision to conditionally reinstate quarterback Mike Vick, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell strongly suggested Vick underwent psychiatric testing as part of the assessment of his fitness to return to the NFL.

Asked specifically whether the league had complied with PETA's wish that it be clinically determined whether Vick is truly remorseful for his actions, Goodell initially responded by saying "Yes," but he then offered up (quite adroitly, we might add) a somewhat vague and equivocal explanation as to the specific aspects of the testing.

The potential influence of PETA and other animal-rights groups looms large this entire process. Though such voices have been largely muted since Vick was transferred from federal prison to house arrest, it remains to be seen whether his reinstatement today and his arrival in a new NFL city will spark a backlash.

The final outcome likely will be influenced by the specific team with which he lands. In San Francisco, for example, a strong negative reaction might arise, quickly. 

In Buffalo, they might ask to borrow T.O.'s key to the city, so that they can take it to the hardware store and make a copy of it for Vick.

We tend to think the general reaction will be closer to what it would be in Buffalo than what it would be in San Fran. And, for that reason, we think he'll be back before Week Six.