Snitches and Talkers Get Stitches and Walkers: Mariners Deadline Guide

Charlie WilsonContributor IJuly 27, 2009


WASHBURN TRADED TO NEW YORK, wait a second. WASHBURN TRADED TO MILWAUKE! Whoa, one moment. Philadelphia? You want in on this action too?


The truth is that with all the speculation no one knows exactly where anyone is going until a deal is done. You can speculate all day, and there are a lot of phone calls made by a lot of people. The bottom line is, we have to wait and see.

I read this one on Twitter earlier today (I’m sorry for whoever's it was I cannot remember for the life of me) and I can seriously relate to it "I feel like every day is Christmas, i get up and run to my computer to read the headlines."

There are so many possibility and so many options we could consider at this point in the season. So lets take a step back and see where exactly we are.

The Mariners just lost three straight to the dastardly Cleveland Indians. In each game we seemed to be in stuck in a deep trance. Just oddly unaware of what was currently taking place.

This is a familiar dance for the offense. However the pitching was oddly abysmal and with the exception of six innings from Ryan Rowland-Smith, it looked down right awful.

This to many fans has signaled the end of the season for the team. Heck, even I twittered to my friends "July 24-26 the time in which my love for the Seattle Mariners turned quickly apathetic."

But, let us not forget that while 7.5 games out of first is a lot, there are still two months of baseball to be played.

While there maybe two months, deals are being made now. Clubs being reformed, organizations being renewed and jobs being placed on the line.

While there has been a few trades and one big one with the deal of Matt Holliday going to the Cardinals, it has been strangely quiet. Almost like the being out on the Ocean prior to a storm.

Folks, we the people, the fans of the might Seattle Mariners are at a cross road. While, some "refuse to lose" others are all the more willing to sell.

We do have some very interesting trade chips, starting very first with Jarrod Washburn.


Jarrod Washburn—LHP—has been unbelievably good this season. For whatever reason he has met and exceeded expectations. Weather because of a new pitch, adjusted mechanics or the new improved defense. Whatever the reason, we have an "Ace in the hole."

While Jarrod won't fetch us anything more than a B+ prospect couple him together with some of the below and you may find that we could find ourselves with one awesome Christmas in July!

Destination: New York, LA, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minnesota.. (this is starting to look like a tour date)


Adrian Beltre—3B—While some people do not value Beltre for what he is, a true gem of a find, most clubs do. Wait? No one can be traded while on the DL, right? True, but the rumor according to the Tacoma News Tribune is that Adrian could be back as soon as next week.

While that’s not soon enough for the Trade deadline, there is the question if they will attempt to trade through the waiver wire.

Beltre has had a rough year and shouldn't net us anything more than a B-/C+ prospect. Although i wouldn’t be surprised if Jack Zduriencik (Mariner's GM) worked his magic. I believe Beltre's worth a lot more.

Destination some place south for the winter.


Jeff Clement—DH—For a guy who doesn’t have a position, he is down in the minor leagues ripping the system to shreds. He holds a lot of value for a team that needs a young bat. Oh wait, aren’t we in that situation?

While i believe he would be a good DH for next season. There is a possibility as i mentioned previously that Washburn along with young talent could retrieve a higher prize.

Destination anywhere but here.


Brandon Morrow—Up until about a week ago. I think most fans thought it was a joke that Morrow could be traded. I really didn't take it all that seriously but knew that he could be obtained for the "right price," now he seems to be mentioned in just about every single trade rumor involving the Mariners.

While some seem angry that they (the Seattle Mariners) would consider "throwing away" a prospect. But as with most things in life you can't get something with out giving a little and Brandon Morrow has taxed management with an on going saga.

He still is a solid trade piece to the rest of the league while we still are trying to figure out if he's still really a prospect.

Destination any possible direction


Russell Branyan—There are a lot of fan rumors, let me just say. As of 24 June Zduriencik has said Russ isn't going anywhere. Unless a big offer came in and I do believe it would have to have an A prospect attached to it.

The muscle isn't going anywhere, i also have to believe that he will still be wearing a Seattle uniform next year.

Destination: Home


Jose Lopez—I've heard a lot and a lot of people from casual to hardcore bloggers say they don't think Lopez is going to stick around. I have come to think that if a play for Freddy Sanchez was made, this would definitely be the case.

Lopez has strung together several productive years at the plate. While not being completely horrible in the field. He isn’t extremely versatile or athletic and there is questions on as he gets older if his bat is capable of being moved to 1st or 3rd.

I have sneaky suspicion should he not be dealt at the deadline this year. An off-season deal maybe in the works.

Destination: Unknown


Kenji Johjima—C—This just purely fantasy. Recently named in an ESPN article as the 14th worst contract in major league baseball.

However, with rumors of the Yankees looking seriously at Jarrod Washburn and non-payroll issues, one does wonder with their search for a catcher on going if they would take a flyer on Kenji who clearly no longer has a place in Seattle.

However, as I said before that is a purely a pipe dream.

Destination whoever has the money.


David Aardsma—RHP—The No. 1 man in the Major League Baseball alpha numeric listing. Okay that little fun fact of the day is getting really old. But, his value has never been higher and the fact that we got him for an AA arm has made Jack Zduriencik look spit shiny gold.

He won't bring in the farm but could be used to grab a small unknown prospect.


Mark Lowe—RHP—While he hasn't been anything more than okay for the Seattle Mariners, he has the potential to be an excellent pitcher one day. There are a lot of teams that are interested in him.

While I don't see him going in a deal by himself, I think he could be the type of throw in that could net us someone potential big.

Possible locations: Unknown


Wladimir Balentien—OF—He is a throw in and nothing else at this point. Don't try to reason with me at all. There are some teams that would be willing to take a flyer. But as a throw in. No more.

With rumors growing every day, there are a few I’m sure i forgot. But here are just some potential things to watch in the coming week.



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