Rugby Video Monday: Still no USA vs Canada Video?

Wendy YoungCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2009

Sadly, almost a month later, the video of the USA vs Canada match is not uploaded. This is definitely a lesson learned as I should have simply brought my camera and recorded the match!

I want to encourage everyone to keep contacting USA Rugby about this video and also encourage them to provide video of the upcoming Nations Cup.

The e-mail campaign that went out to Alex Williams, Nigel Melville, and Sara John really was great and YSC wants to keep that positive kind of email and campaigning happening!

E-mail Nigel, Sara, and Alex today letting them know that you WANT and NEED video of the Nations Cup!

Nigel Melville, President of USA Rugby
Alex Williams, High Performance Director
Sara John, the Director of Communications

UPDATE: Nigel Melville wrote about our pleas for live video on his blog as well...what are your thoughts?

The big X above is a placeholder for the video, hopefully it will be posted as promised! When it is posted I will let you know the link ASAP. In the meantime you can check out the match report here and the audio here. Also make sure to check out the highlight reel from the USA A vs Canada A game on the Canada Women's Rugby site here.

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Please keep sending me your favorite videos to! Make sure to check out the YSC VimeoChannel or my Youtube channel...and you can subscribe to both if you like, but keep in mind that all new videos will be onVimeo only as they are recorded in High Definition.

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