College Football Top Ten Teams 2009 Ramblings

Nathaniel WrightContributor IJuly 27, 2009

Okay, my copy of NCAA 10 just came in, now it's time to talk about college football. Here is my top ten (based on talent) coming into the College football year..... Let's go.

1. Florida- What can be said about Florida that hasn't already been said. They return everybody except Percy Harvin. This team is a nightmare. I don't think I've ever seen a team that is as well put together as this one. I would put 2009 Gators up against any team in the last ten years. They have a better quarterback (and coach) that the 2001 Hurricanes. The only team that can come close is the 04-05 Trojans, but I've been faithfully watching college football for about 15 years now and I've never seen anybody better than Tim Tebow. He's seriously the best player to college ball since Randy Moss (who is easily the most dominant player at his position in football.....period.) I think there is something that can beat them, but right now I don't know who or what that is. This team is loaded. If they want to win the National Championship.... nobody is going to stop them. (Preseason motto --- National Championship or bust)

2. Texas- Here are the positives for Texas.... Colt McCoy will put up numbers. There might not be a player that needs this year more for his legacy than Colt. He's returning and so is everybody sans Quan Cosby. This team has two games that they need to look out for. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. With a suspect defense (nationally suspect) they are going to face problems with teams that can put up points with them. I look for Texas to have a small slip up unless Colt McCoy channels his inner Vince Young and wills his team past the two hard games they have this year. Come to think of it, this is THE state school in Texas but only have one National Championship. I don't think Mack Brown is a great coach... he's gonna lose a game for them. (Preseason Motto -- We should beat everybody, but I dunno....)

3. Oklahoma -- They pretty much have the same weapons as Texas. I have doubt whether or not they can put together the same run as last year. Here is the biggest problem facing OU... let's call it the OSU effect. If you show up and lose the National Championship, you better run the table the next year because if you lose one game the voters will not look favorably on you for the rest of the season, so Oklahoma must win to get the Gator whippin they took out of every bodies minds. I have hope for Oklahoma but I don't think they will be beating Texas (or Okie State) this year. You don't just lose the national championship and go back to normal the next year. They are going to have hiccups along the way in 2009. (Preseason motto -- Get the Swagger back!!!)

4. USC-- USC has more talent than Motown in the 60's. Seriously... their second string team could compete for a BCS birth. With all that talent it would seem like USC is the favorite to win.... alas they won't because they will lose one game they shouldn't. I would say look out for OSU on the 12th, but honestly they will probably win that game and lose to Cal or Oregon... or some team when the Trojans just think they should be feared and they wind up getting punched in the mouth. What is going to get them to the promise land is their running game. They have a better running game than 30% of the NFL. Bottom line is USC has enough talent to beat anybody in the country. They've had that for about 8 years now, but only 1 1/2 national championships to show for it. I don't trust them. (Preseason motto-- who's gonna beat us?)

5. Virginia Tech -- Honestly this is the scariest team in the nation. They don't do anything bad. They have great special teams... they have some dogs on defense. They finally decided on a QB with Tyrod and he has people in Hokie Town thinking abck to the days of Vick and co... and their national title run. To beat the Hokies this year you have to not mess up. They aren't going to beat every team because they are more talented they will beat you because they are probably one of the better coached teams in the country. When the pieces are in place they just don't mess up. They are going to be one of the better teams rushing and they have one of the more dangerous QB's in the country. They only hiccup they face if they play a team that has more horses than they do and they don't make too many mistakes. While I love this team on paper... if they play a team who shuts down Darren Evans and forces Tyrod Taylor to throw the ball... then Hokies are gonna have some problems. (Preseason Motto-- if you guys up top make a mistake... we'll walk away with everything.)

6. THE Ohio State University-- The first word that comes to mind when I think of about Ohio State is "if". If Terrell Pryor makes leaps and bounds that most people are expecting then this team is scary. If some of these really good recruiting classes they've had recently develops then this team is scary. If Ohio State can beat USC at home... this team will play for a National Championship. If Ohio State actually shows up to a National Championship game this year they can beat anybody. Now... if Terrell Pryor acts scared to throw the ball this year... they will be blown out by USC (by 35). If they lost to USC at home... they will also lose to Penn State (Because if TP can't win at home... then he won't be able to lead them at Happy Valley this year.) The good thing about Ohio State this year is they will know by week two what they are going to do this year. (Preseason Motto --- IF)

7. Ole Miss -- Here is a name for you... Dexter McCluster. Here is all you need to know about him, when he touched the ball he averaged 8.4 yards per carry. Now let's add the fact that they are going to also return the most pro ready quarterback in Jevan Sneed. This team will now be outscored this year. This is going to be one of the most well put together offenses to come out the SEC. If they were in any other conference you could pencil them in for a BCS birth BUT.... they play in the SEC. We are talking LSU on the road.... Florida in the swamp. (Yeah, I think they are gonna remember you guys)  Honestly I don't know how Florida and LSU got through the SEC the past couple years... I just don't think that the Rebs are gonna do it this year. But ... if Greg Hardy has another monster year... that defense looks about as good as anybody but the Gators) They aren't gonna win the whole thing but they will be the ones to make sure Alabama and Florida don't either. (Preseason Motto-- You gotta come see about me homie!!!)

8. Alabama -- Notice to everybody playing football in the SEC. You might want to beat Alabama this year... if you don't you won't get a chance for a loooong time. Nick Saban Recruiting classes since he's gotten to Bama (17, 3... and looks like it'll be 1 next year.) This defense is loaded... Javier Arenas (future first round pick) and Terrance Cody (future first round pick) leads this defense (who if you know anything about Saban since he was at Mich. State) will be filthy. This program is seriously being resurrected. It would not shock me if Saban ends up making Urban Meyer go to Notre Dame in a couple years. (yes they will be THAT good)  This all seems will and good but honestly this year they won't be scaring anybody on offense in the SEC. I know what you are thinking... they do return Uber stud Julio Jones and Mark Ingram will do work. They also have replaced big game John Parker Wilson with a guy named Greg McElroy. Saban likes defense and doesn't like his QB's messing up... so McElroy will have the reigns pulled in alot and he won't have the ability to make big plays. They play Va Tech this year and they won't win... on top of that they won't beat Florida and they will lose another one to two games and should wind up a respectable 9-4. Everybody be happy about that this year.... next year they might win it all. (Preseason Motto -- Get all your shots in this year... next year we takin heads off)

9. Penn State -- D.Clark will be better this year... Royster will be better this year, Penn State will be be.... I can't say it. I don't believe in Penn State this year. Their Defense will not let them win this year. Aaron Maybin is gone and he was the one that scared you on their defense. They barely beat Ohio State and they lost to Iowa and were destroyed by USC. They look like a good team on paper... but they don't have and haven't had for a while any stars on their team. Nobody on Penn State is really a big game player. I hate to talk bad about Penn State but they are the third best team in a two team conference. There really isn't anything to write about Penn State.... in fact

NEW 9. Oklahoma State --  This team is scary. Dez White, Zack Robinson and Kendall Hunter all return on a team that put points up. And they do it both was they ran and passed for over 3,000 yards last year. This team will give problems to Oklahoma and Texas. While they aren't good enough to go at a National Championship I will bet dollars to Donuts they take one of the "Big Two" out in Conference play this year. Big 12 teams aren't known for their D and that spells trouble for anybody going up against the Halloween Hellraisers. The ONLY problem with Oklahoma State is their Defense. They don't have one. They have a bend and break Defense that at their best will be "decent". If at any point in time a team comes in and handles their offense for a few quarters... they are in trouble. They don't have the talent to win Nationally just yet. I think Gundy will be going to another program by years end (Notre Dame maybe?) it will be because he cannot recruit defense to OK state. (Preseason Motto -- Catch us if you Can)

10. LSU -- Why do I think that this team will be great. Because last year they weren't They lost a ton of talent to the NFL the past couple years and they needed a year to reload. Well.... Consider them reloaded (with top ten, top five and top five recruiting classes coming in)  they look hungry to make noise in the SEC West. Their defense this year will be as good if not better than most in the country, I am not saying this based off of anything other than this... they had such shaky play at QB last year that anything... I mean ANYTHING resembling an offense this year will make them a threat to get to the SEC title game. They won't win but they'll be there. Jordan Jefferson just isn't a good enough Quarterback to make anybody believe they will be anything other than a really good team. Just going through the SEC by itself will prove too be all the tigers can handle this year and it looks like they will be a player Nationally... but they won't really make any waves when it comes down to it. (Preseason Motto -- We're back... not really but we are gonna be good this year)