Favre From Home: The Adventures Of Yellow Quarterback

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IApril 11, 2017

With Brett Favre leading the Jets to an 8-3 first place record, analyst and former “prime-time” Deion Sanders went on a rant against his former team, the Green Bay Packers.  The Pack, who were in the midst of struggling to a 6-10 record, had refused to take Favre back after he changed his mind about retiring. 

Neon Deion pointed out how the Packers were in the NFC Championship game the year before, while the Jets finished with a 4-12 record.  He did not take into account the fact that if the Packers took Favre back, they would be mortgaging their future by having him play just one more year. 

The Jets, on the other hand, were more than willing to do that, considering that not only had they had inconsistency at quarterback, but needed a commodity to compete with the defending Super Bowl Champion, not to mention the Jets’ landlord, New York Giants.

Perhaps Favre, bitter at Sanders for intercepting him many times, wanted to prove him wrong.  Because Favre absolutely collapsed at the end of the season, and the supposed Super Bowl bound Jets missed the playoffs.  Their coach was fired, and Favre retired—again.

Of course, the only one to recant on retirement more than Favre was Michael Jordan, hence there were rumored possibilities of returning again—but this time to the hated Minnesota Vikings


Apparently Brett Favre has a score to settle with the team that made his career.  Let’s be honest.  If Favre had stayed with the Atlanta Falcons (the team that traded him to Green Bay), he would be as famous as Browning Nagle or Bobby Hebert.  There’s no way Favre could have handled the run and shoot and his development would have hindered.

What is Brett Favre so angry about?  What does he feel he has to prove?  That he WON’T choke at the end of the season like he did last?

I began to think Favre planned it all along just so he could get to experience life in New York.  But life in Minnesota can’t differ that much from Green Bay.  What else is there besides ice fishing

Now in its defense, which is actually its offense, Minnesota lost their playoff game against Philadelphia due to poor quarterback play.  The stage was set for incumbent Tarvaris Jackson to be challenged by newcomer Sage Rosenfels.  Somehow, the team had forgotten that it was journeyman Gus Frerotte who really was the one that guided them to the playoffs.  Sure, Adrian Peterson is one of if not the best running backs in the league.  But Frerotte brought stability to the position.

So let’s say Favre joins the Minnesota Vikings. 

Anything less than a Super Bowl would be a failure.  Why?  Because they’re basically pushing away their existing quarterbacks for just this one season.  Brett Favre will not play beyond one more season, if he even plays this season. 

And let’s say he doesn’t. 

After all this talk and hype about him, the missing link, the great white hope, coming to lead the Vikes to its first ever Super Bowl, if he doesn’t play, or even just doesn’t play up to form, it’ll be a disaster, and you can guarantee Brad Childress will suffer the same fate as Eric Mangini.  And there may not be a team as horrible as the Browns who are so desperate for a head coach to employ him.

Now I admit the possibility of seeing Brett Favre running out to Lambeau Field in a purple jersey would be an intriguing situation.  But other than shock value, this whole deal could end up hurting Minnesota more than it helps them. 

Just ask the New York Jets.