Dear Drunk Driver: You Give Alabama Fans A Bad Name

Cameon ShiflettSenior Analyst IApril 4, 2017

Dear Drunk Alabama Driver,

I came across your truck flipped on it's side on Grants Mill last night on the way to pick up my sister from her friend's house and immediately thought "Someone has to be hurt in that car." I realized that there was a young man standing outside the truck trying to wave people down to help you.

Since I didn't have enough time to pull up and park I had to go up the road and turn around. And for those three minutes I thought "I hope I can make it in time to help that guy."

I didn't know if maybe you were a friend of mine that had been texting while driving and ran off the side of the road, or maybe someone's father that had dosed off because he was tired from all the late night diaper changes and bottle feedings, or worse, a family with little boys and girls screaming in the backseat because mommy and daddy weren't waking up. 

When I finally got there I was told the other young guy didn't have a cell phone so I called 911 and tried to remember where I was and had to explain that I didn't know what had happened and I didn't know how long you had been there but that you were flipped over and was told someone would be there shortly.

Realizing that the seatbelt was strangeling you, the guy that was there and I quickly did our best to remove you from the vehicle without moving you to try and help you get some air. But then we realized getting air was the least of your concerns.

You had a small cut on your forehead, one on your lip, and a small one on your leg that you wouldn't have even noticed had I not brought your attention to it. But you also couldn't walk straight and you were slurring your words asking if either one of us could take you to your fancy home in Greystone that was located about 10 minutes away.

When I realized that you were drunk out of your mind, I almost wished that I hadn't stopped. When I realized that you were wearing an Alabama shirt and had a Roll Tide tag on your car it made me want to throw up.

You could have killed anyone. Me, the guy that stopped to help you, the poor family that was heading back from church...anyone. You didn't even care. You knew that you would be put in jail for driving under the influence. As well you should have been. And you were trying to get away.

Luckily, the cops and even the ambulance workers knew you had been drinking within 30 seconds of being there. And none of us mentioned anything. The aroma of alcohol coming off of your clothes and your breath made it obvious even without the swaying and slurring.

"A deer ran out in front of me" you said as the officer asked you what had happened. I almost yelled out "Yeah! A DEER CALLED VODKA!" but after realizing that the cops were laughing at your excuse, I realized it wasn't necessary.

I hope I never see you in Bama Fever buying another car tag because you, sir are a disgrace to the university you root for. I guess money really isn't everything.

This was a letter I almost wrote to the man I saved last night. I decided against it, because well, I didn't catch his name. And I don't know that I would have cared even if I did catch his name honestly.

When this man stumbled out of the truck and I saw his Alabama shirt I wanted to be sick. This man could have killed someone wearing the shirt of the university I love so much. And the other guy that stopped to help (someone else that I didn't get the name of) felt the same way.

I ask that you please think before you drink and drive. I ask that while you are at a bar supporting your favorite team and taking a shot everytime your team get's a touchdown, that you have someone with you that isn't drinking to take you home. I ask that you remind the man sitting in front of you at the SEC Championship popping back the Jim Bean that while the loss sucks, killing themselves or someone else would be a lot worse.

Help protect the integrity of the team you love and support so much. Help protect your rival fans because without them there, what are you going to do? Help protect fellow B/R creatures and B/R creature's kids.

Remind yourself and them, that drinking and driving isn't cool under any circumstances.