Vegas Dreams: How to Make a Quick $100 Off The Seattle Seahawks

Scotty KimberlyAnalyst IJuly 27, 2009

First let me say that I do not have a man-crush on Colin Cowherd, it just so happens that his show/blog has inspired my last two pieces on here.

As Cowherd pointed out in an article on The Herd's Word last week (link here), the Seattle Seahawks are destined to outperform their 2008 campaign. In Cowherd's words, the Seahawks are "a virtual lock to rebound from last year's pitiful season," and he is not the only one who holds that belief.

Cowherd lists a variety of reasons for the Seahawks potential turnaround, including a healthy Matt Hasselbeck, a driven Jim Mora, and most importantly, a schedule that the Lions could win eight games with.

I know what you're thinking—How does this relate to Las Vegas?

As promised in the title, I will provide a one-line lock to win $100 from the greatest Pacific Northwest football team not named the B.C. Lions.

Put $150 down on the Seahawks over/under wins total for 2009.

Boom. Done.

The bet pays $10 for every $15 placed, so make that wager and come January you can collect a crisp new Benjamin courtesy of the Seahawks.

Currently, bookmakers have the over/under set at eight games. That is a half-game jump from where Cowherd got a hold of it at 7.5, but through a pessimist's eyes the Seahawks still have incredible odds to win eight (or more) games.

Don't believe me? Then let's take a look at the Seahawks 2009 schedule...

Here is a quick run-down of how the Seahawks 2009 schedule could play out.

Note: This is a first-glance-calling-it-without-much-deliberation set of predictions. They are far from written in stone.

Week One
St. Louis—WIN (1-0)

Week Two
San Francisco—WIN (2-0)

Week Three
Chicago—LOSS (2-1)

Week Four
Indianapolis—LOSS (2-2)

Week Five
Jacksonville—WIN (3-2)

Week Six
Arizona—LOSS (3-3)

Week Seven

Week Eight
Dallas—LOSS (3-4)

Week Nine
Detroit—WIN (4-4)

Week 10
Arizona—WIN (5-4)

Week 11
Minnesota—LOSS (5-5)

Week 12
St. Louis—WIN (6-5)

Week 13
San Francisco—WIN (7-5)

Week 14
Houston—WIN (8-5)

Week 15
Tampa Bay—WIN (9-5)

Week 16
Green Bay—WIN (10-5)

Week 17
Tennessee—LOSS (10-6)


That's giving the Seahawks a fairly negative outlook, given that I'm considering games like Dallas, Tennessee, and Minnesota auto-losses, when in truth the Seahawks could beat any of those teams.

That was not supposed to be a set of stellar picks. Instead, it was supposed to give you an idea of how challenging the Seahawks upcoming schedule (I'll give you a hint—the answer is "not very challenging").

Maybe the Seahawks get swept by the Cardinals, or choke away a game to the Rams, but guess what—that still leaves them at 9-7, or in a worst case scenario, 8-8.

Even at 8-8 you push your bet, which any gambler will tell you is as good as a win.

Alright, now it's time to take some action! Get out there and drop some money on the Seahawks to win more than eight games in 2009!


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