Have You Seen My Stromboli?

Ramkumar SCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2009

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 24:  Archie Thompson of the Victory hams it up during the Melbourne Victory A-League television commercial shoot at Albert Park Lake on July 24, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

It was a boring day in the hotel. Thought I would go for a swim. So I went to the pool deck and who do I see ? Christiano Ronaldo and Steven Gerrard. Yup. They were diving...in the pool. 

Didn't wanna disturb them so thought I would grab something to eat instead from the food joint. Hey, Frank Lampard was there eating a salad. Might be fun to go there grab something to eat and chat with him. 

I went there and asked the vendor "What do you have to eat? "
He said "Sorry, we are closing but there is a slice of pizza and a Stromboli if interested."

I asked the vendor for a pizza slice. He was about to give it to me when Mark Hughes came and offered the vendor 50,000 pounds for that slice of pizza ! Yes sir—the pizza would proceed to his mouth after clearing the medical. Shocked at the proceeding I had to buy the only other available piece of food—a Stromboli.

I had the stromboli in my left hand and with my other hand I reached into my pocket to take out my wallet. Suddenly out of nowhere a man dressed in a referee's TeeShirt came, snatched the Stromboli and ran towards the exit. Bosingwa who saw the incident started shouting "The referee is a thief! The referee is a thief!"

All the players in the food joint started chasing the referee. As we were chasing, the vendor came running behind us and said "Hey you did not pay me! " ...Drogba immediately turned around and threw some coins at him, hopefully he did not overpay for the Stromboli.

The chase was hard and we were losing him. Torres had pulled a hamstring while Terry slipped as he was about to catch him. Adebayor just gave up the chase while Nani was doing back flips. I thought all was lost until I saw Tevez sitting near the exit. He was sitting alone on a bench.

I thought I would ask Tevez to stop him. So I stopped chasing and got out my cellphone and sent a text message to Tevez - "Tvz  stop ref!" But Tevez just sat there as the thief ran by (later on—Tevez said he never got my text message!!!!!!). Rooney reached the exit but the thief had disappeared by then.

Wenger just walked in through the exit door and Rooney asked Wenger "Which way did he go? Which way did he go? " Wenger replied " I did not zee anything."

And there ended the stromboli chase. In these tough economic times I find it hard to digest the fact that somebody is digesting the stromboli that I had worked hard for. So dear people, in case you see a referee with he smell of Stromboli coming from his mouth, please contact the local authority and let them know. Thanks.