10 Rules For B/R Writers Trying To Get Off the Editorial Bench

Mike KentSenior Writer IJuly 27, 2009

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With seven months writing on Bleacher Report, I think I may be able to help guys around this great Web site.

It took me 82 articles, but I am now a Senior Writer, and I think that it may help me get through to more readers and writers around B/R.

I think this guide may be able to help more than just the the new guys on B/R, but all of the new B/R writers out there.

Lesson No. 1—Don't Forget Who You Are Writing To

If you are on B/R, it means you love to write and you enjoy sports. These are the guys you will find on B/R; from the guys that are here three years to the guy that is joining as we speak.

Don't forget who your audience is. They are fans that love their teams and would love to read your stories about them, if they are good.

And if you do your best, people will read your articles.

Lesson No. 2—Don't Let Anyone Slow You Down or Take You Down

B/R is a good place, with good writers and good people.

But just like the real world, B/R can't be perfect.

There are a few guys on B/R that may call you names and try to take you down if they don't agree with your articles.

And others will join B/R just to call you an idiot, but you can't let them stop you.

We call these types of people, trolls.

Internet trolls don't have much to say about your article, they are just trying to make you feel bad and try to make you hide your opinions.

But as all B/R writers know, opinions are not meant to be hidden.

So don't let them get to you. Remember, you don't have to respond to the comments they leave on your articles.

Lesson No. 3—Read at Least as Much as You Write

This is more about learning the system, and looking at what other writers are doing. You need to look at both the good and the bad on B/R.

If you see someone with an "Article of the Day", read his article. Look at the way he writes and the words he chooses.

And if you really want to go far, ask him about his article. Ask him how he came up with it and why he chose the words he wrote.

Lesson No. 4—Make Friends

If you don't make friends, you will be missing one of the best things about B/R.

With so many writers and so many fans around the Site, it should be easy to make friends fast.

How do you make friends?

Comment on other articles, and don't be shy to say he/she did a great job, if it's a nice article to read.

It should be easy to make friends with guys and girls that root for the same teams as you.

My best friends on this Site are: Richard Marsh, Wendy Adair, and Nick Adamo. They are all big Mets fans and great writers.

Lesson No. 5—Don't be Afraid To Ask Around

If you need help don't be afraid to ask for it.

On B/R there are many people that would love to help you.

You can ask the community leaders, editors, fans, friends, and even myself.

We want to help you, we want you to do well.

Don't forget we are all on the same team, the B/R team.

Lesson No. 6—Forget about the Rankings and POTD's

You are your own writer, it doesn't matter who is the best writer.

Most B/R writers find the rankings to be a bad system anyway.

Don't even sweat the "Picks of the Day", or winning the "Article of the Day".

Try to write the best article you can, without thinking about the awards you could win. It will only slow you down, I am talking from experience.

Lesson No. 7—Do Your Best on Every Article

When you write, try to make it your best work yet.

If you are writing about Tom Brady then try to make it the best Brady article that you can write.

Make every article your best, and it will show when people read it.

Lesson No. 8—Don't Let the Bad Take You Down

If you write a bad article or just one that is not getting any reads or comments, don't let it stop you from writing.

We all have slumps, some more than others, but we all have them. Odds are, you will have some too.

But that is OK, all you need to do is make the next article better.

Lesson No 9—Don't Write about Things That Aren't Sports Related

B/R is meant for sports fans, who love sports.

Sports fans from all over the world. Most of us, don't want to read about Barack Obama when we get on B/R, or about the way Israel is betting up on terrorists.

B/R is a new world, a world away from politics and the bad economy.

You can write about how Obama is helping the White Sox or about how the New York Yankees are not bothered by the poor economy.

But do not take it too far, sports fans will not like it.

So only articles about BR and about sports, no more then that.

Lesson No. 10—Learn from Your Mistakes

We are all human, and as humans, it's only natural for us to make mistakes. It's what we do best.

One thing that many of us need to do is to start learning from our mistakes.

It's what make us better people, we should do this not just on B/R, but in our day-to-day lives.

It will help you in the real world, and it will help you here on Bleacher Report.


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