Why the 2009 Yankees Remind Me Of The 2004 Red Sox.

Rain ManCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2009

NEW YORK - JULY 20:  Hideki Matsui #55 (R) of the New York Yankees celebrates his game winning ninth inning home run against the Baltimore Orioles with his teammates on July 20, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. The Yankees defeated the Orioles 2-1.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

This team reminds me of the 2004 Boston Red Sox. In A LOT more ways than one.

Underdogs - Nobody thinks the Yankees could compete with the Red Sox. Just like in 2004 when the Red Sox couldn't compete with the Yankees. But the Red Sox came away with the title in 2004, defeating the Yankees for the pennant, and then handling the St. Louis Cardinals.

Amazing Chemistry - The recent Yankees teams clubhouse was boring, they had the personality of Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants, they didn't want to have fun with each other, just like Squidward didn't want to have fun with Spongebob, or Patrick, or pretty much anyone. A-rod was dominating the back covers and sports pages of New York newspapers and any newspaper based in the Tri-State Region, and it was producing a lot of drama and attention, but not this team! Now they look like they enjoy playing baseball, the chemistry has been amazing! The shaving cream pie in the face after every walk-off win, Kangaroo Court, Nick Swisher's antics, got them together enjoying themselves, being friends in the clubhouse. Speaking of....

Walk-off/Comeback wins - The Yankees have nine walk-off wins this year. They had 9 all of 2008! They also have 31 come back wins, 9 of them trailing by 3 or more, and 3 of them trailing by 4 or more. in 2008, it seemed like the Yankees would lose confidence once they trailed, and would almost always lose. The 2009 version does not pack it in, instead they want to win baseball games, and win games they weren't supposed to win. And I have a feeling that A.J. Burnett is going to need more of the shaving cream, and after October, champagne, and a way to blow all that confetti off of him when they shower on him and the rest of the Yankees on the Canyon of Heroes.

Johnny Damon has seen this movie before. He is a part of both of those teams, after all! Hopefully after this season, he'll have another ring in his finger!

Let's go Yankees!