Alonso to Ferrari in Valencia? The Stars Align Too Perfectly

Paige Michael-ShetleyCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2009

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - NOVEMBER 02:  Felipe Massa of Brazil and Ferrari looks disappointed on the podium alongside second placced Fernando Alonso of Spain and Renault after winning the race but losing the World Championship at the Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix at the Interlagos Circuit on November 2, 2008 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

The situation permitting the following situation is very somber and unfortunate, but...

Isn't it convenient that Ferrari has an open seat for the upcoming European Grand Prix in Valencia while Renault are suspended for one of the two races in which Fernando Alonso absolutely must be on the grid for the good for Formula One? 

The hottest rumor of the Formula One season is that the two-time World Champion will move to the Scuderia next season, with Kimi Raikkonen making way.

There is now an incredible opportunity to see Alonso in a red car as soon as four weeks from now, whether or not there is in fact a deal in place for Alonso to drive for Ferrari beginning next year or 2011, the year after which the contracts of both Raikkonen and Felipe Massa expire. 

It is not unheard of for a driver to drive for a team in a season while under contract with another team. Sebastian Vettel tested for BMW-Sauber and filled in for the injured Robert Kubica in the US Grand Prix in 2007 while contracted to Red Bull. He would go on to replace Scott Speed at Toro Rosso later in the season. 

Alonso racing for Ferrari for just one race makes too much sense for everyone involved. The Valencia race will surely be a massive failure should Alonso actually not race, as attendance among the Alonso-mad Spanish fans would drop significantly.

If Valencia wants to keep the European Grand Prix, they cannot have another poor grand prix weekend after underwhelming last year in its debut. 

Not only would Alonso's appearance in the Ferrari prevent the weekend from being a failure, but it would make the race one of the most highly anticipated events in the whole of sports for the year.

The idea of arguably the best racing driver in the world driving for the most storied team in all of motorsport provokes salivation in the racing enthusiast, especially in light of the rumors suggesting he's on his way there, anyways. 

Ferrari would certainly benefit from the opportunity to have Alonso in the car for even just one race. It would electrify the Tifosi, and the opportunity to have two world champions driving for the team would be a big boost for everyone in the Ferrari camp in what has been such a difficult season for them on and off the circuit. 

Renault would appear to oppose such a loan, but there is surely something in it for them. Surely Flavio Briatore, team principal along with Alonso's manager and owner of Spanish F1 television rights, would financially benefit personally from the one-off. Renault themselves would certainly want a fee for loaning Alonso, and they would probably get it. 

Even Raikkonen would benefit from having Alonso push him in even one race. Long-time championship rivals, the opportunity to race each other on the same team with the biggest spotlight of any in the paddock would provide the ultimate opportunity for him to argue his case for remaining in Formula One.

For a man who seems to often need a motivational boost from outside, having Alonso in the other Ferrari would certainly do the trick for the Iceman. 

A one-off appearance of Alonso in the Ferrari at Valencia makes too much sense for it not to happen. Surely it's been considered by quite a few people already, if not openly discussed.

If need be, we can probably expect business-savvy Bernie Ecclestone to interject with his opinion on the matter. I think we all know what he'd have to say.