Some Of Those Writing Are Lacking Facts & Class

Jan MandelContributor IJuly 27, 2009

After reading the Article by Dr. Phil—AKA Michael Cohen (Dark Knight: Brett Favre Lacks Class if He Returns), his articles interpretations and ability to know the consciousness, feelings, and reasons for Favre’s motivation are questionable.

The skewing of the information is amazing, which leads me to conclude that your “Senior Writer Status is in doubt” and your license to practice should be suspended Dr. Phil--AKA Michael Cohen.

Perhaps your new news beat ought to be over at the ASPCA to cover “Pet Happenings.”

Having been a devoted Packer fan for 40-plus years, and having followed intently and listened to the little details of a basically “nasty” divorce between Packer GM Ted Thompson and Favre— and not the Packers.

By any means Favre was or is not perfect, but his main problem was changing his mind or waffling as many like to use the term,.

However, even Thompson said over the last couple of years, that Favre has earned the time and right to take his time to make a decision.

His waffling never really hurt the team. In fact, as the team around him got better so did Favre. He doesn’t get a lot of credit, but he helped the rookies and offense master their duties.

Tom Silverstein of the Wisconsin Journal made a good point:

“As for how the Packers could have handled things better, do you truly believe that Bob Harlan, past President & CEO, wouldn't have handled that situation better than Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy? Harlan would have forced Thompson and Favre to meet and hash out their differences. He would have met with Favre personally, if necessary. My guess is he also would have instructed Thompson to stay in touch with Favre during the off-season and make sure his retirement was final. Murphy's decision to go down and try to offer Favre $20 million in a post-retirement deal was ill-conceived. Favre's not an easy guy to handle, but the Packers could have done more to keep the lines of communication open.” 

"My God" the Packers needed to hire Ari Fleischer to help them in their communication to the public.

Media are the ones mostly continuing this 24-7 circus of reporting like piranhas feeding.

They camp outside his home, airport, restaurants. They constantly ask friends, players, former players, X basketball players, gas station attendants, gyneologist, grave diggers, or anyone with an opinion & have driven the story into the ground.

 For some reason, many of the vile comments are directed at Favre for anything and everything that he does or doesn't do, that is not according to "their" God ordained time line or answered in the way they want.

I’m sick of this tabloid media hype, comments made, articles written about never ending speculation, anonymous sources, & conflicting reports, but I’m not tired of Favre, although i would't let him be the key note speaker at the rookie symposium regarding "Making your Plans for retirement".

Plus, the vile name-calling, jersey burning, and threats of physical harm say more about the person making them, than about Favre himself.  "GET OVER YOURSELF"...!

Remember, as Favre stated, “It’s football not Life or death.”

Some are saying he wants to play so he can compete against the Packers.

There may be some truth to that, but I don’t think that is his motivation to return.

Favre’s possible considerations are:

·         One he’s had surgery which takes six to eight weeks to rehab. He wants to be 100 ready to return. You’d think after 269 straight games, three away from all-time record, 17 straight seasons of 3,000-plus yards passing, that he’d know a little about what it takes to compete on Sundays.

·         To uproot his family again for basically six to 18 months.

·         Favre is experienced with Vikings system and the team’s coaches.

·         NFL Network writer Thomas George said that Favre—unsatisfied with recent endings— wants to go out on top.

·         Favre wants a “happy ending” because the way it ended in Green Bay and New York was not to his liking. Part of this is his desire to give the Vikings their first Super Bowl. The Minnesota franchise believes Favre can still win. They believe his mental acumen and presence would help this team mentally.

·         You now have top current players on the Vikings say they want him to sign, so team unity will most likely not be a problem.

Cohen’s article pointed calls Favre tenure in New York, “The Night Mare in New York .” So, let’s examine it:

·         In 2007, the Jets were 4-12 and averaged 16 pts a game. In 2008, they were 9-7 and averaged 26 points a game. Favre set the all-time record for Jet completions.  Mr. Cohen if you think this is one of the greatest regular-season collapse in NFL history, and Favre was totally to blame…your history is short & your knowledge of football should be kept to covering flag football in jr. high school.

·         Thomas Jones had one touchdown in 2007. In 2008, he had 12 TDs, and his highest average per carry in his career. Do you think that was because they couldn’t stack the line any more against him like they did the year before?

·         And it’s amazing Cohen used two players’ comments to justify his writings.  Well, why didn’t he use other players’ comments I heard that were positive about Favre? The player are Kellen Clemens, Leon Washington, Chansi Stucky, and Nick Mangold.  This summer I heard Tony Richardson say Favre is a great guy who got a bum rap. Ty Law and Darrell Reves said blaming Favre was wrong, especially because he was a good teammate.

·         Favre had a short time to learn the playbook, and to get used to the players around him, arrived Aug. 7th & he only threw 18 passes in preseason, is something I find amazing.

·         Frustration with the Jets was compounded later in the season because earlier they had looked like they were playoff-bound.

Favre doesn’t need to protect his Hall of Fame legacy, which is intact, so that is not why he wants to play.

The  image of Favre as a Viking is understandably an upsetting one, and I’ve hated the Vikings as much as anyone.

However, if Favre wants to continue his career—and still has the ability to do so, who among us has the chutzpa to say he shouldn’t?

Truth be told, if seeing Favre play for Minnesota destroys our memories of his career, it says more about us than it does about him.

Finally, it’s the legacies of the Packers and Green Bay management that concern me more.

Thompson after 4 yrs. is 31-33, with one winning season. Last year from 13-3 to 6-10 is the most drastic drop off in franchise history in Green Bay.

Now that we’re going into Thompson’s fifth year, we see an unbalanced team,  4 yrs. of 50+ draft picks & the youngest team in the NFL 3 years running. 

 Next  year, Packers have 15 free agents, including seven starters.   We will be building all over again.  Wal-Mart Thompson’s one way only to build a team, lack of key Free Agency use, & draft picks has hurt the team.

The Packer’s Legacy & those in charge (GM Thompson)…are much more my concern..!


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