The Nickel, Night Of Champions: Punk'ed Out, Orton Taps & Jericho/Show

AkDSenior Writer IJuly 27, 2009

Jericho's Partner

Swagger, Miz, Rhodes, DiBiase, and Lance Storm (I'm still dying over that one) equals fail. If you picked those guys, it's all right we all fail every now and then, but for those who picked Chris Masters and or Christian earned you an epic fail.

Masters was easily not the top priority as everyone were babbling about him a la Christian returning at the 2009 Royal Rumble and being Jeff Hardy's attacker. Every peep's heart shattered when the tag match was billed first on the card.

The peeps around me started to get desperate and grasp at straws. The tried to convince of a ridiculous notion that Christian would appear as his partner and an automatic heel leaving Dreamer to face Benjamin at the last moment for the ECW title.

I shook my head and let Jericho deliver the crushing truth to them instead as Big Show was revealed as his partner. The automatic loss for Legacy was set in stone if it weren't already as Show destroyed them as expected.

Jericho was isolated for a little while, but the big boys couldn't throw a smokescreen even if they wanted to.

A codebreaker, a spear, and the rest was history. I don't believe Show was the initial choice, but maybe he was as Jericho spoke to Kane and Khali on SD! foreshadowing that he would pick a big man to be his partner in crime.

After all the hype many weren't pleased with Show being the mystery man, WWE once again threw a curveball.


Dreamer's Last Stand

I stood and watched Tommy Dreamer give a real solid performance in the ECW title match against Christian. The peeps already were weeping as they thought they'd be tweeting about Captain Charisma's heel turn.

I never wanted to see Tommy Dreamer as much as I wanted to this one. The two ECW wrestlers traded blows and amongst them were slaps, front flips off the apron, and top rope drop kicks.

The Philly crowd showed up as ECW chants were loud and clear, especially when Dreamer set up Christian upside down on the turnbuckle and connected with his coveted baseball slide/dropkick.

Dreamer countered Christian's killswitch, but Christian would ultimately hit his finisher on Dreamer and the peeps at least went to bed with a Christian ECW title win.

The big boys up in Titan Towers already knew the peeps were weeping over Christian not joining Jericho and maybe pictured an angry mob coming to burn down their tower.

A good bout, I just wished Dreamer won in Philly. No use crying over spilled milk, Dreamer's blog before Night of Champions foreshadowed his loss as he recalled the greatest moments of his career as if it were coming to an end. ECW should be interesting this Tuesday.

The peeps can rest easy for now, hopefully WWE makes the smart move and unleash the Gold Standard.

Saved by the Ref

I was skeptical about this triple threat match for the WWE title, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. The obvious double-teaming on Orton was inevitable and so was the Triple H-Cena staredown before they started trading blows.

The Philly crowd proved to be still alive after as they we loud as they were in the ECW title match. Every hit Cena connected with earned him boos while Orton and Trips gained cheers for their hits.

I actually had no idea the match was a no disqualification match...when did I miss this memo? Orton's RKO's were countered with ease through out the match. History came very close to repeating itself when Cena held Trips in the STFU for quite the while.

I found it funny how Trips tapped out to this move at Wrestlemania 22, but manages not to this time despite being three years older. Orton went for a punt and missed as Cena magically sensed it and dodged it.

The deal was sealed when Trips put his former teammate in a sharpshooter. Cena ran into the ring and applied a crossface on Orton and the viper had no choice but to tap out.

The ref called for the bell, but then stopped as he didn't know who Orton tapped to. While trying to figure everything out, Legacy runs out and disposes of Trips while Superman picks up Cody for an attitude adjustment...only to find himself falling flat after an RKO.

Many friends were pissed with the ending, but I liked the whole double tap finish minus Rhodes and DiBiase running out as always.

Two Divas, Two Divas/Women title holders

My spider sense kept tingling all night, there was just too much foreshadowing. Right before Maryse's title defense the Miz approached her trying once again to score with the French beauty.

Maryse once again shot him down, stating that he didn't win the U.S. title and that she doesn't date losers. Miz finally snapped and ended his pursuit of Maryse. He called her a tease and said when she loses the title she'll come crawling back to her.

I assumed that segment sealed her fate and it did indeed. The Divas match wasn't anything special. Maryse did her endless amount of taunts and tried to use her hair spray.

Mickie was dominated for most of the match, but tasted victory when she countered Maryse's DDT into her own and pinned the now former Divas champion making her the second..second diva to hold both the Divas and Women's championships after Michelle McCool.

The Divas title match had been brewing for a while as it was building up ever since Mickie defeated Maryse way back when she was drafted to RAW.

I expected that match to be the more physical out of the two diva matches on the card, but to my surprise the women's title match was.

McCool and Melina put saved the slaps and kicks for grapples and submissions. McCool began the assault with a dropkick to Melina when she was doing her prominent split during her entrance.

The best highlight of the match came when McCool DDT'd Melina off of the barricade. McCool missed a big boot before hand sending her halfway over the barricade and also missed a baseball slide bouncing off the ground.

Melina used her flexibility and grabbed Melina with her legs and bounced them off the apron. McCool couldn't handle the assault clinching to the ropes like Maryse did when Mickie had the momentum.

The women's champ ended up using Melina's flexibility against her pinning her with her leg over her head touching the mat. Melina was trapped and couldn't kick out resulting in the women's champ retaining the title.


Punk'ed Out

The best match turned out to be Punk vs. Hardy; the action was great. Punk came out earlier in the night and blamed the parents of the children who are fans of Hardy as Punk stated that they are 17 and younger.

SmackDown! alone gave Punk an advantage going into the match, but this promo once again set off my spider sense and foreshadowed what I thought couldn't, wouldn't and shouldn't happen. Hardy and Punk went at it as their feud was real personal.

A good moment was Hardy's first swanton attempt where he connected, but on Punk's knees. The heel started to really show itself in Punk as he became really aggressive and impatient as he hurried the ref to count to 10 when he tried to get Hardy counted out.

Punk had control, but lost himself after he countered Hardy's twist of fate into the GTS. Punk was all smiles until Hardy somehow managed to kick out.

Punk pulled his hair back, opened his eyes wide and went for another pin Hardy kicked out again and again on the third pin attempt.

The WHC had enough and decided it was time to pull an Orton and grab his title and headed up the ramp. Hardy wouldn't let him get away and got him back into the ring, where he would hit the twist of fate.

Hardy then leaped to the top rope and hit the swanton bomb and defeated CM Punk to become new WHC. I was able to bash my laptop, but I laughed and clapped instead. We still don't know when Hardy is leaving, but for now he's the champ.

Many were so sure on Punk winning this match only to have their jaw drop in anger, disappointment, confusion, and depression. CM Punk's anti-Hardy campaign hit a major bump after losing the belt. I wonder what happens next.

Everything Else

-Kofi Kingston retains the U.S. championship

Primo Colon was Big Show's replacement, who possibly could have won the match. The naive younger Colon trusted his backstabbing brother and received a backstabber for his troubles. 

-Rey Mysterio retains Intercontinental championship

Ziggler has really grown on me, I didn't think WWE would let him fall to Mysterio..then again he destroyed him on SD! So much for stealing the show, sorry folks. Ziggler will be back though, Summerslam might serve as the show for the rematch.

-The show wasn't as good as I thought it would be, I've seen way was passable. Nothing really stood out and only three of the eight titles switched hands, not bad.


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