Dolphins' Camp: The Miami Sound Machine!

john renshawContributor IJuly 26, 2009

NASHVILLE, TN - JUNE 22:  Gloria Estefan poses with her team The Miami Dolphins helmet before joining Hank Williams Jr. to sing 'Are You Ready for some Football' in Spanish as part of the 40th Anniversary of Monday Night Football at Centennial Park in the Parthenon on June 22, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee.  (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

I don’t know anything about Gloria Estefan’s music. I do know that the list of her songs matching Dolphins topics below was fun to write. Hey, training camp is still a week away, and I’ll get back to serious roster breakdowns.

But I’ve still got Marc Anthony and my boy Jimmy Buffet. Fins to the left!!!


When Someone Comes Into Your Life—Gibril Wilson

Keep on Trying—Ted Ginn Jr.

Live Again—Jason Taylor

Give It Up—Jason Taylor

Let It Loose—The Wildcat

Orange Express—New name for the Dolphin’s offense

Movies—Film Study

Bad Boy—Randy Starks

Dangerous Game—The league’s most difficult schedule

I Need a Man—The OTHER Cornerback Spot

Eyes of Innocence—Dolphin Rookies

Your Eyes Look Sad Tonight—Dolphins fans eyes after week two MNF loss to Colts

Surrender Paradise—Giving up a Touchdown

You’ll be Mine—An AFC East Title

I’m Not Giving Up on YOU—Jason Allen

You Made a Fool of Me—Ricky Williams’ touchdown pass to Pat White

Turn The Beat Around—Coming back after a loss

Reach—Patrick Turner

Wrapped—A Channing Crowder tackle

A Little Push—A Lousaka Polite pancake block

I Wish You—Dan Marino

Coming out of The Dark—Last year

Seal Your Fate—Baltimore Ravens

I know You Too Well—The Jets

Mucho Money—Signing Ronnie Brown next

Love ME—Pat White

Heart With Your Name On It—Greg Camarillo

Betcha Say That—I didn’t know the Wildcat could get that much better

Body To Body—Vontae Davis' press coverage

Destiny—The Super Bowl

DR.Beat—Joey Porter

Along Came You—Chad Pennington

Cuts Both Ways—Roster Cuts

I Can’t Forget You—Last year’s first game against New England

How can I be sure—Fluke or not?

Don’t Release me—Anthony Armstrong

What Goes Around Comes Around—Other teams using Wildcat against Miami