NOC PPV Review: The Divas Show the Knockouts How It's Done

Christi LottCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2009


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The two Diva matches are over and a title has changed hands. Here's my review of each match.

Michelle McCool defeats Melina to retain the WWE Women's Championship

Michelle finally did what EVERYONE should have done a long time ago: dropkick Melina while she does the splits. It was a good spot.

The two highlighted how physical they can be. Melina continues to showcase her flexibility and agility with some new innovative moves, especially with her kicks.

This spot with heel Divas stretching her to the point of her feet touching her head is a bit played out. When Beth Phoenix did it, it was awesome because she kicked Melina in the head with her own foot.

Michelle was particularly vicious tonight, including a nasty DDT on the barricade. The match ended with Michelle using Melina's Thesz Press momentum to roll her up and win. This for me killed the momentum of a solid match.

Sadly, it was a bit too rushed, and neither Diva could completely sell the physicality of their spots, which took a bit out of them.

Michelle retaining made sense, since the WWE has done absolutely nothing with her since she won the title. The roll up win tells me they'll probably have a match at Summerslam. Let's hope the build-up is more than a backstage make-up spat.


Mickie James defeats Maryse to become the new WWE Divas Champion

I was pleased and disappointed for this match at the same time. Where it was placed on the card was without a doubt the bathroom break spot, which was evident by the dead crowd.

The two of them don't have much chemistry against one another, and unlike the previous match, this one was far too long.

For me, the only good spot was Maryse getting Mickie out of the ring and then demanding the referee to count her out.

The two of them were a bit awkward and stumbled through the match a bit. Mickie won when she countered Maryse's DDT attempt into her own.

I got what I expected out of Maryse. Her heelish mannerisms were on point and her wrestling was limited. It's Mickie I'm disappointed in.

For the past year, Mickie has been off a few gears. That fast paced, high energetic energy she maintained for a few years is nearly gone, and I'm no longer excited about watching her.

For me personally, she was the weak link in the match. I'm happy she won, but I preferred Maryse as champion.

All in all the Divas showed the Knockouts how to correctly and successfully put on two matches in one night. Each match was different and entertaining in a positive way.

I don't expect it to happen again anytime soon, but tonight, the WWE did right by the Divas, and all four put on a good show.