Rick Neuheisel Rips Profanity-Laced USC Walk-on Recruiting Video

AndySenior Analyst IMay 10, 2008

Check this out:

Scott Wolf, the USC beat reporter for the Daily News, has given the ripple this video has caused the affectionate name of “Walk-onGate” (which looks really dumb with a hyphen). Regardless, Wolf reports that Rick Neuheisel has been pushing this video on recruits. as a way of ripping on USC.

According to Wolf, the video was featured on Pete Carroll’s official site, petecarroll.com, earlier this week:

Q: Was the walk-on football tape that prominently featured Carroll’s son sponsored by USC and, if so, why…when it reflects so poorly on the walk-on process at USC?

A: Because there is no editor or safety net to judge the content that gets thrown up on the petecarroll.com website. Everything is viewed as a self-promotion aimed at recruits, parents and lastly, fans. A lot of the content can be interesting but sometimes you need an editor to step in and say, “this is not worthy of the program.” And let me add it’s not just Rick Neuheisel doing the criticizing. People I respect at USC also criticized it this week not to mention quite a few coaches at other schools across the country.

The video features Brennan Carroll, an assistant coach under his father Pete. Brennan Carroll proceeds to scream, yell, cuss, and crack his voice like he’s 11 at recruits who are no doubt saying to themselves, “What gives this privileged and unaccomplished jackass the right to yell at me?”

3 other things stood out to me when watching this video:

1. I thought it was funny watching Brennan Carroll scream at the top of his lungs, “WORK! WORK! WORK!” when I’d bet the house that the dude hasn’t worked a day in his friggin’ life.
2. When Brennan Carroll’s voice cracks, he’s a steaming pile of sex.
3. I love how the end of the video states that out of 25 “perspective” walk-ons, 5 made the team. Yay for those special “perspective walk-ons” and the people that made this fine video. Hookd on Fonix obviously worked for them.

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