Formula One: Teammate Comparisons After Hungary (Round 10)

Mike CassCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2009

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - JULY 26:  First placed Lewis Hamilton (C) of Great Britain and McLaren Mercedes celebrates on the podium with second placed Kimi Raikkonen (L) of Finland and Ferrari and third placed Mark Webber of Australia and Red Bull Racing following the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix at the Hungaroring on July 26, 2009 in Budapest, Hungary.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Continuing my regular article where I compare Formula One team mates against each other.

Brawn GP


Qualifying: Button +1


Barrichello suffered rear suspension failure in Q2 that stopped him progressing further, but even with a complete car, Q3 wouldn't have been a given.


Button was only able to do one run, as the FIA wanted to check over his car due to the issue with Barrichello's car leading to Massa's incident.


Button hasn't shown the pace for pole all weekend and not being able to burn some fuel off meant he could only mange eighth, but it's enough for the point.


P8 Button 1:22.511 664.5kg

P13 Barrichello 1:21.222 679.2kg


Race: Button +1


Both Brawns were once again poor off the start, Barrichello was in eighteenth after the first lap, as he made contact with someone in the opening corners.


Barrichello pretty much just drove his strategy to the flag, Button did put in a bit more effort and made a pass on Nakajima for position so he can take the point.


P7 Button 1:39:18.876 Fastest Lap: 1:22.706

P10 Barrichello 1:39:32.878 Fastest Lap: 1:23.024


Season: Jenson Button 16 – 4 Rubens Barrichello




Qualifying: Hamilton +1


When you look at the times and weights there wasn't much between the McLaren pair, but Hamilton just edges it and takes the point.


P4 Hamilton 1:21.839 650.5kg

P6 Kovalainen 1:22.095 655.5kg


Race: Hamilton +1


Once again both McLarens made good use of their KERS off the start, Hamilton was second in the first corner but lost out to Webber on the way out, only to make a great move around the outside soon after.


Renault got Alonso out of Hamilton's way, it was then just a case of tyre management for Hamilton, who never seemed to be pushing the car to the limit on his way to his and Mclarens first victory of the season.


Kovalainen on the other hand seemed unable to match the pace of Hamilton all afternoon, and his fastest lap was nearly half a second a drift. Point can only go one way.


P1 Hamilton 1:38:23.876 Fastest Lap: 1:22.479

P5 Kovalainen 1:38:57.879 Fastest Lap: 1:22.958


Season: Lewis Hamilton 13 – 7 Hekki Kovalainen



Qualifying: Raikkonen +1


Raikkonen takes the point by default due to Massa being unable to compete after his accident.


P7 Raikkonen 1:22.468 651.5kg

P10 Massa


Race: Raikkonen +1


Raikkonen takes the point by default due to Massa being unable to compete after his accident.


P2 Raikkonen 1:38:34.881 Fastest Lap: 1:22.434


Season: Felipe Massa 10 – 10 Kimi Raikkonen


Red Bull


Qualifying: Vettel +1


Webber admitted making a mistake on his hot lap, and that's why his lighter Red Bull ended up behind his team mates heavier one.


P2 Vettel 1:21.607 655kg

P3 Webber 1:21.741 652kg


Race: Webber +1


Vettel once again got swamped at the start and there may have been contact with the Ferrari of Raikkonen, which possibly led to his early retirement.


Webber, on the other hand, managed to emerge second out of turn one, but soon lost the position to Hamilton.


Other than a hairy moment during a pit stop when Webber nearly collided with Raikkonen due to the team releasing him too early, it was a pretty quiet afternoons drive to third.


P3 Webber 1:38:39.884 Fastest Lap: 1:21.931

P17 Vettel + 41 laps -Retired: Mechanical, suspension- Fastest Lap: 1:23.457


Season: Sebastian Vettel 11 – 9 Mark Webber



Qualifying: Trulli +1


Another poor qualifying showing from Toyota, but it was Trulli who got the better of Glock.


P12 Trulli 1:21.082 671.3kg

P14 Glock 1:21.242 689kg


Race: Glock +1


Toyota managed to turn their poor showing in qualifying into some points on race day, Glock put his strategy to good use and managed to finish in front of Trulli.


P6 Glock 1:38:58.878 Fastest Lap: 1:22.506

P8 Trulli 1:39:31.877 Fastest Lap: 1:23.261


Season: Jarno Trulli 13 – 7 Timo Glock




Qualifying: Alonso +1


Piquet qualified 15th, whilst Alonso got pole.


P1 Alonso 1:21.569 637.5kg

P15 Piquet 1:21.389 667.7kg


Race: Piquet +1


Alonso managed to stay first into the first corner and led the opening stint, it was his Renault pit crew that cost him the race when his front right wheel wasn't put on properly in his first stop, which caused the wheel to come flying off.


Alonso then had to come back round to the pits with three wheels on his wagon and this caused too much damage to the underside aerodynamics, and he was forced to retire.


Piquet can have the point, he made it to the flag in probably his last F1 race. Briatore didn't even hang around to see him finish.


P12 Piquet 1:39:34.881 Fastest Lap: 1:23.418

P18 Alonso + 55 laps -Retired: Mechanical, aero- Fastest Lap: 1:23.529


Season: Fernando Alonso 15 – 5 Nelson Piquet Jr.



Qualifying: Rosberg +1


Rosberg once again put in a good showing, Nakajima wasn't far behind though.


P5 Rosberg 1:21.890 654kg

P9 Nakajima 1:22.835 658kg


Race: Rosberg +1


Nakajima wasn't far off scoring his first world championship point, but Nico "Mr. Consistency" Rosberg did score once again in another quiet drive to fourth.


P4 Rosberg 1:38:49.885 Fastest Lap: 1:22.468

P9 Nakajima 1:39:31.883 Fastest Lap: 1:23.180


Season: Nico Rosberg 19 - 1 Kazuki Nakajima




Qualifying: Heidfeld +1


Heidfeld out qualified Kubica again, but that's not much consultation when you consider the positions of the BMW's.


P16 Heidfeld 1:21.738 658kg

P19 Kubica 1:21.901 666kg


Race: Heidfeld +1


BMW continued their dire showing, but in the battle of the teammates, it was Heidfeld who got the job done.


P11 Heidfeld 1:39:33.882 Fastest Lap: 1:23.282

P13 Kubica 1:39:37.876 Fastest Lap: 1:23.224


Season: Robert Kubica 11 – 9 Nick Heidfeld

Force India


Qualifying: Fisichella +1


Fisichella qualified in front of Sutil, so the point is only going one way.


P17 Fisichella 1:21.807 680.5kg

P18 Sutil 1:21.868 683.5kg


Race: Fisichella +1


Sutil was forced to reitre early on with a cooling issue. Fisichella meanwhile put in a solid performance to finish 14th.


P14 Fisichella + 1 lap Fastest Lap: 1:23.174

P19 Sutil + 69 laps -Retired: Mechanical, cooling-


Season: Giancarlo Fisichella 11 – 9 Adrian Sutil


Toro Rosso


Qualifying: Buemi +1


Alguersuari wasn't able to show what he could really do as he was forced out with a hydraulics problem, but Buemi takes the point anyway.


P11 Buemi 1:21.002 671.5kg

P20 Alguersuari 1:22.359 675.5kg


Race: Alguersuari +1


It was the slightly more experienced Buemi, who made the mistake spinning at turn two, which subsequently allowed his rookie teammate through and Alguersuari ended up finishing in front to.


The rookie takes the race point.


P15 Alguersuari + 1 lap Fastest Lap: 1:23.444

P16 Buemi + 1 lap Fastest Lap: 1:22.955


Season: Sebastian Buemi 1 – 1 Jamie Alguersuari

(Season: Sebastian Buemi 13 – 5 Sebastian Bourdais)


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