Arsenal: A last hurrah!

Ashish WesleySenior Analyst IMay 11, 2008

I’m back once again for the last day of the season, and what a summer we have in store, and by no means mean the Euros. The rumour mills are on over drive, rather sooner that we expected, and I’m back here again laying before you the latest goings on of a certain north London club.

So Alex Hleb is leaving according to his agent, most probably destined to leave English shores to join the Flamster in Milan, on opposite sides of course. Hleb looks set to turn out for Milan's cross city rivals, Inter.

This leaves me far less perturbed than when I heard that Flamini was on the move. While Flamini was our engine, Hleb was just one of the cogs. It’s one thing to lose one’s engine, quite a different thing to lose a part of it, which in my opinion is replaceable with a better fitting component.

Speaking about the Hleb situation in particular Le Prof said: “It has been suggested that Hleb may employ the new Webster clause and buy out his own contract."

"That is not as simple as it looks," retorted Wenger. "And you should not forget that what players can do to us we can do to them. The Webster clause is not easy, you can't come in next day and buy out. There is no rule that says what it is all about."

"You have to go to a tribunal and then to FIFA and if you don't agree with FIFA [you] have to go to ACAS. It takes a lot of months. And you can be banned for the whole period if it is not done in a proper way."

But his agent made it sound a lot easier than that, and made it sound like it was signed and sealed that Hleb would be a Gunner no more. Well... well indeed, more waiting and watching and rot like that.

Arsene addresses the rumours saying that players want to join Arsenal not leave, saying that 220 players were all vying to play for us next season.

At least we are not losing out on Fabregas and Adebayor both of whom have pledged their foreseeable futures to Arsenal Football Club. The rumours however will continue all through the summer. Groan, I say… groan. Drat and double drat!

But rest assured Arsene’s got it all covered saying we should see some new faces at Arsenal, which will make us forget all about losing Flamini and Hleb.

Arsene said today:

"I know what I want and I am very confident, I hope to turn that around in the next two or three weeks. They (fans) should be re-assured by what they see. It would be better to buy someone who has played in England because they are less risky, but it costs more money if they are from The Premier League," he went on.
"Maybe I will try to do both."

The names of Kranjcar, Ben Arfa and Makoun have surfaced and resurfaced recently, lets see what construes. A busy summer ahead of us, but before we focus on the upcoming season we do have to negotiate a trip to play Roy Keane’s Sunderland, who I must say I continue to hate from his playing days much into his managerial career!

He’s right up there with the most hateful of Manks! I hope we stuff them, and I think we will for sure! A full match preview is here from .com.

Arsene says he will let the likes of Kieran Gibbs and Mark Randall show us what they’re made of in this trip to Sunderland. Also he went on to speak about the English talent at Arsenal, especially the up and comers:

"... But there are lot of English talents in the squad overall. We have Gibbs, Randall, the younger Hoyte, Jack Wilshere and Henri Lansbury, who might be included in the group next year.”

Those who said that we are not English, coz we have no home grown talent, they can now line up and receive their spanking from the Professor. That said Le Prof reckons that the current set is his best since he was at the club. I know most of us will have mixed opinions about this, but I for one wouldn’t want to mess around with Arsene, no siree bob! He said:

"I believe that this team was beyond expectation from the first day of the season," said Wenger. "Unfortunately they don't get the credit they deserve at the moment for the quality of their displays."

"I think we have learned a lot. We were very close to winning the European Cup and the Premier League. We were unlucky with some bad decisions from the referees' consistency since the Birmingham game."

"And maybe when we were under pressure we lost a bit of freedom in our display. That's what we have to learn."

"But I feel it bodes well for next season because since I have been in England this has been the unluckiest team I have had. But as well this is the best team I have had."

Right then, he will have to do his best to keep them all together, a task I think he will accomplish.

According to the manager, Rosicky will most likely miss the Euros, and looks at what lies ahead for Mad Jens after this season. Gilberto, who has endured quite a bit this season and one of the players who is rumoured to be on the move in the summer speaks about how much he likes it here and his future. The Brazilian captain said:

"I want to stay at the club. I enjoy being at Arsenal—the people, the atmosphere, the football, everything about it here. I don't know if the club have received any offers”.

“The situation could change if the club gets one. I hope to stay, but I don't know what the club are thinking. Manager's make plans, but then things happen at the end of the season that they didn't expect to happen."

And that's as far as the roundup goes. Sunderland it is today and I don’t think we will get to watch the game live in the Asia region, and I'm informed by the Arestard that it's not even on delay here.

Those sneaky Manky, Chelski loving twerps over at ESPN Star!! So if you want to see some poxy shite faced idiot hold up the Premier League trophy you will need to know that all games kick off at 19.00 India time and that's 15.00 UK time.

Before I go now…

Jenas must be ‘aving a larf…again! Have a good Sunday! (even though most of us in Asia will probably have to make do with highlights of our game.)

So for the last time this season: Come on you Gunners!


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