Formula One: Quotes of Hungary

Mike CassCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2009

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - JULY 26:  Jaime Alguersuari of Spain and Scuderia Toro Rosso is seen on the grid before the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix at the Hungaroring on July 26, 2009 in Budapest, Hungary.  (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images)

Continuing my regular feature of selecting the best quotes of the race weekend, come the end of the season I'll pick my favourite 10.


Race Build Up


Sven Pistor of ARD Radio asked Mark Webber how he would describe his relationship with Sebastian Vettel, Mark replied, “Amazing. It's so good, it's brilliant! We're like brothers! It's fine. It's the same as every other team-mate I've had. We have a professional relationship.”


OK Mark, you want to clarify that? Your comment starts off great then spirals down to a neutral response. What happened to the straight talking Aussie?


Mark was obviously slightly confused on arriving at the circuit, as he once again minced his words when answering a question from Alan Baldwin of Reuters about being a young rookie in F1.


“I Probably wouldn't have been ready, to be honest, but these days they seem to be ready a lot earlier. I've never been a big fan of Formula One being a learning school but it seems like it is these days. I don't think Formula One is a learning school. When you arrive in Formula One you should be ready. It's not a place to learn.”


Mark Webber obviously couldn't face answering any more questions, so turned the tables and put one to Kimi Raikkonen about his up coming rally event, “I want to know who's doing Kimi's pace notes? Is he brave man or not?”


Kimi Raikkonen reassuringly replied “Yeah. He used to do it before for Tommi Mäkinen, so he should be OK. He's survived until now.


There were further discussions about Rubens Barrichello's outburst after the race in Germany, luckily though he had a secret weapon to smooth things over, "I went in with a Mr Happy t-shirt on, so I had no problems."



Eddie Jordan former team owner and now BBC pundit joined Martin Brundle for his grid walk and asked Bernie Ecclestone, “Why have you not signed a concorde agreement yet?”


Ecclestone's response, “I can't write”, to which Jordan shot back, “I thought you couldn't pay?” Bernie took it on the chin and replied, “That as well”.


Jordan wasn't done yet though, he then turned on Flavio Briatore, “I want to know have you done a deal with Red Bull to block out the front row?”


Briatore was prepared to play though and came back with, “Absolutely yes!”


During the race Jenson Button was busy giving technical insight to his engineers to try to improve the car, "How the hell can this car be so bad at the moment?" Brawn GP must be glad that Barrichello's team radio didn't get aired...


Winner's Team Radio: Lewis Hamilton, “Woohoo great job guys, fantastic, fantastic! The car was so nice to drive. You guys have worked so hard for this and I'm so glad we could do it this weekend. So so proud of you guys. Thank you, thank you.”


Alguersuari gave his verdict on F1 after completing his first race, "I have learned a lot, but I have to say there are some aspects of F1 which made me think, 's**t this is tough!'" Piquet has been thinking that all year!


Sebastian Vettel is wishing he could find Kates' magic button, “We have a button on our steering wheel, which is similar to the other teams, but nothing happens if you press it.”


Race winner Lewis Hamilton can have the final say on this weekends action, "Finally, my thoughts are with Felipe today. Despite our celebrations, it's important to remember that there's a guy lying in a hospital bed tonight, and I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that we all had Felipe in our hearts and minds today and we wish him a speedy recovery."