Adrian's Weekly Thoughts: Night Of Champions Edition

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJuly 26, 2009

This is week in wrestling was good but it was all a quality build up to the matches at Night of Champions.



Raw this week was felt to be good but could have been better, it was great to see ZZ Top as the guest host as it got to see one of the funniest things with Santino wearing that fake beard.

Cena coming up and building up the main event in what I expect to be a great match with three of the biggest superstars in the ring at one time.

I was hoping not see another tag match as the main event as I have seen all month between the three shows.

I was into the six man tag team match because I got to see some of the young talent shine as I saw Kofi come into his own as he has showed something new in the ring and like to see him shine at Night of Champions.

Brain Kendrick and Lawler match was kind of predictable of who was going to win because most matches Lawler walks into now a days are to face the young cocky superstars and show him who’s boss. 

Watching the Mickie James interview brought me back to the old days when they would interview superstars from the ramp or near that area and had a old school fell to it.

Mark Henry keeps his impact on Raw rolling with another victory against Jericho as he is becoming a top face on Raw and a force to be reckon with.

Hornswoggle and Chavo was my bathroom break for the second week in a row. It was good to see a athlete getting the chance to run Raw next week in Washington D.C.

I feel like that Alicia Fox is getting some type of a push or it is just another diva fill-in match.

The Main Event was a great ending, with Cena getting the momentum going into Night of Champions as he looks to get back his title that he never lost.

Overall Raw was a good show and I am looking forward to the Big Diesel running the show this Monday.



Yoshi Tatsu and William Regal put a good match together to start the show, to me its good to see a good veteran like Regal going off with a different style in Yoshi.

Jackson squashed the jobber and as I watch this match I wonder as I have for years, where in the hell do they find all these jobbers.

Jackson looks to be having a feud against Kozlov as it could turn into USA vs. Russia type storyline. It will be something that I keep my eye on.

The Golden One vs. The Gold Standard was a good quality match as Shelton would build the momentum that he has had in the weeks that he has been on ECW.

Sheamus called out Finlay in a promo, I wondered if Finlay will have anything to say back to the Irish Warrior in the weeks to follow.

Tyler Reks put a good first match together beating Paul Burchill and the little Abraham Washington talk show was what you say horrible.

I see myself watching ECW more and more and I will keep doing the same to see what I will get from the Land of the Extreme.


WWE Superstars

This was one of the first times I have seen Regal vs. Christian and they didn’t disappoint in a good match to open the show.

Evan Bourne beat Jamie Noble in a match just to basically to get Bourne over.

Morrison just keeps his momentum going, hopefully getting a World Championship run soon as he will be the top face on SmackDown when Hardy leaves.

I think it’s a good show and a great show for the fact to get the people that WWE is trying to get over.



Even with Jeff Hardy’s promo and all the hype going towards Jeff to win, I just don’t see it happening. Great match between Jeff and Chris as Jeff gets a big win going into Night of Champions.

Khali getting a win over Knox but what I am thinking is damn that beard is long as hell. Great segment with Jesse aka Jay Master J. Dolph Ziggler vs. Finlay was a great match in my eyes and can’t wait to see Ziggler in the Intercontinental Championship match this Sunday.

It is possible that Kane could be his partner because he didn’t let off a hint that his partner is evil. CM Punk put a good promo together on the fans and Jeff Hardy, I feel like Jeff can be the voice of the people when he interrupted this promo.

Eve beat Natalya in a good match for diva standards and its good to see Eve put up a quality win.

R-Truth has a great chemistry with the crowd and I think that is something that goes unnoticed with him, R-Truth beat Charlie Haas, as we saw Truth shine beating Haas in great fashion.

Rey Mysterio even by DQ gets a win thanks to Dolph Ziggler as I was impressed with the chemistry that Rey and Punk had in their match together and would like them to go at it for the title some time in the future.

Good Show and it’s great where they can mix comedy with the great wrestling to make it a good show.

My Superstar of the Week is John Cena after getting momentum with a pin over Randy Orton going into Night of Champions.

My Loser of the Week is Chavo Guerrero again with another loss to Hornswoggle on Raw.

Best Match: Six Man Tag Match Kofi, MVP and Primo vs. Big Show, Jack Swagger and Carilto 7/20/09

Worst Match: Chavo Guerrero vs. Hornswoggle Raw 7/20/09

Best Show: Raw

Things to look forward to in the week ahead:

Raw, ECW and SmackDown: Who will walk out Champion at Night of Champions and walk into Raw as Champion, who is Jericho partner and can Cena win back the title he never lost.

Night of Champions is tonight, as every title will be on the line and I am here to give you my predictions.


Night of Champions

Six Pack Challenge for the WWE United States Championship - Kofi Kingston (WWE United States Champion) vs. Big Show vs. MVP vs. Jack Swagger vs. Carlito vs. The Miz

This match could be a show stealer if it can live up to the hype and the hype is not all that great but that is besides the point. Kofi is looking like a great United States Champion and would hate to see him lose it.

Swagger could be getting the title this Sunday and I wouldn’t be upset about it because it would be intresting to see how he does as the United States Champion.

Show is there for size and size only as Carilto and MVP are two I can’t see win the title but anything is possible.

The Miz would be nice to see as Champion because this would be his first singles title.

Winner: Jack Swagger


WWE Women's Championship - Michelle McCool (WWE Women's Champion) vs. Melina

The cockiness of McCool is nice to see out a diva and that this Sunday it is going to be interesting to see who walks out as the Women’s Champion.

Melina looks like she is on her way to get close to Trish's seven reigns but I think on this night McCool prevails and retains her title.

Winner: Michelle McCool


WWE Intercontinental Championship - Rey Mysterio (WWE Intercontinental Champion) vs. Dolph Ziggler

This to me has everything together to steal the show as Rey will face off against Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship. Ziggler has a lot of momentum building going into Night of Champions and I expect him to win his first singles title. This is going to be an excellent match.

Winner: Hello my name is Dolph Ziggler, New Intercontinental Champion


ECW Championship - Tommy Dreamer (ECW Champion) vs. Christian

I feel like I have seen this way to many times, but it is all coming to an end this Sunday and I expect Christian to find a way to win and I see a hand shake at the end of all this.

Winner: Christian

Unified Tag Team Championship - Chris Jericho & A Mystery Partner (Unified Tag Team Champions) vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

The big question is, Who is Jericho’s partner and this is great to have the tag division in the spotlight and it’s a great start to building it back up. I said Kane would be his partner but that’s throwing a name out there. I see Jericho and his partner winning.

Winner: Jericho and is partner


WWE Divas Championship - Maryse (WWE Divas Champion) vs Mickie James

This is one match I have been looking forward to with the sexy Maryse and James and hoping to see what we all want to see, a great match that these to can deliver on.

I like to make the Diva’s Champion a good title and having Maryse win this match, they could be on their way to just doing that.

Winner: Maryse in a close match


World Heavyweight Championship - CM Punk (World Heavyweight Champion) vs Jeff Hardy

Unless the WWE knows something that we don’t, then CM Punk is walking out as World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: CM Punk


Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship - Randy Orton (WWE Champion) vs. John Cena vs Triple H

This is the match I am looking forward to the most and I hope to see Cena on top and give him his title back and feuding with someone new, but if not either Triple H and Randy Orton would be fine. I am picking Cena to win back the title he never lost.

Winner: John Cena


I expect the WWE to give us a few twist and turns through the night with one or two winning the title unexpected. I think it has the potential to be a great PPV.

Until next week, as I break down the aftermath of Night of Champions and Big Diesel running Raw, it should be a good week of wrestling.


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