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Kendrick DavisCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 07:  Wrestler CM Punk arrives at the 1st Annual Epiphone Revolver Golden Gods Awards at the Club Nokia on April 7, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

What's up Wrestling World/Bleachers? I'm back once again with the Countdown To Night of Champions. It's a night where every championship is on the line. This event will take place live from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, PA. Shoutouts to Philly.

To order the event, call your local cable provider, DIRECTV or Dish Network. If you don't like swiping the card, watch the Night of Champions on a free online stream. I have found the best free website to watch WWE PPV's is This.

Come join me as I breakdown each championship match. I will rate the match and preditct the winners. Also after every PPV, I will bring you "The Day After", a fallout of the PPV, results and what next for the wrestlers. Let's not wait and here we go.

Six Pack Challenge for the WWE United States Championship - Kofi Kingston (WWE United States Champion) vs. Big Show vs. MVP vs. Jack Swagger vs. Carlito vs. The Miz

Kofi Kingston has found himself in uncharted territory and faces his toughest challenge to date. At Night of Champions, he's not only has to face one but five challengers in the Six Pack Challenge for the WWE United States Championship. So how did it all go down like this?

We all know there's been tension between Kingston & the Big Show as of late. It started with a match between Kingston & Evan Bourne and after when the Big Show attacked both superstars.

Then on a July 13th episode of RAW, Big Show defeated the high flyer Bourne but had him in a cobra clutch afterwards causing Kingston who did color commentary to rescue Bourne from the Big Show.

Another feud that has nothing really to do with the title is the beef between Jack Swagger & MVP. On the July 6th edition of RAW, Jack Swagger was a guest on MVP's VIP Lounge and let's say the visit didn't go all too well. The next week they had a match but Swagger came away with the victory.

MVP looks to regain the United States Championship but Swagger is no stranger to winning a championship. He won the ECW Championship in January and now coming to RAW, he looks to win another title. 

Ever since losing the Unified Tag Team Championships at The Bash, Carlito has changed for the worse. On a July 6th episode of RAW, the tag team of Carlito and his brother Primo came to an end after a rematch against Edge & Jericho, Carlito attacks Primo. Now back to singles competition Carlito looks to gain the United States Championship for the first time since his debut in 2004 over John Cena.

The Miz, well I have a beef with him in this match. I felt Primo or Evan Bourne should have been in this match but Bourne is out with a neck injury nothing drastic though. Primo would have made sense because of his beef with Carlito.

However, there's a reason why he was added to this match. I feel the WWE is giving him another chance after leaving him high and dry against Cena at The Bash. This would not be a surprise if Miz left Night of Champions the new United States Champion.

At Night of Champions, will Kofi do everything to overcome the odds that is the Six Pack Challenge or will there be a new champion crowned in Philadelphia? We'll found out tonight.

STAR RATING:Go to fullsize image I don't think this match will be that big of a deal. It's just something thrown together at the last minute. That's why I give it 3 stars.

PREDICTION: Jack Swagger - I think Swagger will win because this guy is on the rise and I expect good things from me. He will make an impact but I wouldn't be surprised if The Miz we're to come out of this match the winner.

The pressure's on Kofi and as much as I like him as champion, I don't see him winning this match.

WWE Women's Championship - Michelle McCool (WWE Women's Champion) vs. Melina

Just when you think that feud between McCool & Melina was over, think again. These two women will go at it again for the Women's Championship but this time McCool walks into the match as champion.

Michelle did what over divas in the WWE have never done in their careers. At The Bash, Michelle got some help from then protege Alicia Fox now to RAW to make history by beating Melina. She made history by becoming the first diva to hold both the Divas & Women's Championship.  

The monmentum had changed when Melina won two matches over Michelle and Fox in tag team competition. With Alicia Fox moving to RAW, McCool may not have a chance of keeping the title. This now sets up a rematch which was made this week as Michelle McCool and Melina go one and one again for the Women's Championship.

Will McCool be able to retain the title or will Melina win back what was hers? It all goes down tonight at the Night of Champions in Philadelphia.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize imageThis match will not be bad, but not popular. The women's division hasn't been much of a priority as of late and I don't expect this match to better.

PREDICTION: Melina - I feel if Michelle holds onto the title, it would be a waste because of the lack of faces on the show. Yeah you have Maria and Eve Torres, but they're not real wrestlers.

Melina wins because she's coming into her own and I have been impressed with her. I could see a rivalry with Natalya next if she wins the title.

WWE Intercontinental Championship - Rey Mysterio (WWE Intercontinental Champion) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has made a huge transition since coming to Smackdown via the Supplemental Draft. His body of work holds impressive victories over The Great Khali three times, R-Truth and John Morrison. Also he has Maria drooling over him. Now he goes on to Night of Champions to take on Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship.

How did these two come about?

On the July 10th edition of Smackdown, after Mysterio defeated Jericho in a rematch over the Intercontinental Championship, he was attacked from behind by "Mr Perfection" himself. Dolph threw Mysterio to the lions as he was decimated by Edge and Jericho. Then to top it off, Ziggler hits the neckbreaker on Mysterio.

The next week on WWE Superstars, these two crossed paths again. However, this time things were about to shake up. Rey Mysterio made his opinions loud and clear about what happened. This caused Ziggler to make a challenge for the Intercontinental Championship. 

Rey Mysterio has gone through some events himself. He had to beat Chris Jericho at The Bash not only to win the Intercontinental Championship, but to keep his mask. This time he faces a wrestler that has been on a tear and presents a very formidable challenge in Dolph Ziggler.

What happens when these two cross paths? Will Ziggler continue his impressive on the Smackdown brand by becoming Intercontinental Champion or will Mysterio overcome Ziggler to retain the title. It all goes down at Night of Champions tonight.

STAR RATING:Go to fullsize imageIt's not gonna be a show stealer but this will be an excellent match.

PREDICTION: Dolph Ziggler - I've been impressed with this guy and expect more out of him. I like Rey but he belongs in the main event picture, that's why I pick Dolph to pull the upset.

ECW Championship - Tommy Dreamer (ECW Champion) vs. Christian

ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer and Christian have a long history in the wrestling business. These guys are friends but that friendship will be put to the test as the ECW Championship is up for grabs in Philadelphia. How did the frenemy feud come about?

Two weeks ago, Christian was in a match against the Moscow Mauler Vladimir Kozlov where the winner will get a shot at Dreamer's title at NoC. This was a hard match and Kozlov threw everything at him but at the end Captain Charisma came away with the win and became the number one contender at Night of Champions.

Tommy Dreamer gotten his wish because he said on that same night we would love to face Christian at the Night of Champions.

Tommy Dreamer has come a long way to be the ECW Champion again. First he had to win the Hardcore Triple Threat Match for the ECW title at Extreme Rules, his first since 2000, to stay in the WWE. He had a one-day extension which paid off in the end. Than at The Bash, he was in a Championship Scramble Match but squeak his way out of the match to beat Christian and former ECW wrestlers Finlay, Jack Swagger, and Mark Henry.

Now he faces his toughest challenge against Christian who has a track record of winning championships.

Captain Charisma was nine-time WWF/WWE Tag Team Champion, WWF Hardcore Champion, WWF European Champion, WWF Light Heavyweight Champion and three-time WWF/E Intercontinental Champion. At TNA he won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship two times before returning to the WWE and winning his first ECW Championship.  

The fireworks exploded on that tool Abraham Washington's show. God, I despise this Arsenio Hall wannabe with the fist-pump. Anyway back to what happen. Things got tense when Christian & Dreamer argued with each other. However, things got heated when personal jabs were thrown and slaps were delivered.

The ECW Championship is on the line where the friendship of Tommy Dreamer & Christian are put to the side. Will the Innovator of Violence keep the ECW legacy going or will Captain Charisma end the homecoming and become a two-time ECW Champ. Witness it live at the Night of Champions on PPV. 

STAR RATING:Go to fullsize imageIt'll be an okay match but not a four-star match.

PREDICTION: Christian - I like Dreamer and all, but how long is he gonna hold on to the ECW Championship? Nothing against him, but I don't see a real push with him. Captain Charisma should have one more reign before going to Smackdown then Shelton Benjamin would be on deck to challenge for the ECW title.

Unified Tag Team Championship - Chris Jericho & A Mystery Partner (Unified Tag Team Champions) vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

This has been a change of events as late with the Unified Tag Team Championship picture. First you had Smackdown GM Theodore Long making a shocking announcement and making the Unified Tag Team Championship Match a Triple Threat. Edge & Chris Jericho, the third wheel of the match wins the the titles.

"Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase was guest GM on RAW and he made an announcement regarding his son Ted DiBiase Jr and Cody Rhodes. They we're to get another shot at the Unified Tag Team Champions Edge and Chris Jericho at the Night of Champions.

Then on July 3rd, the tag team title picture changed in a big way. Edge tore his achillies tendon at a house show against Jeff Hardy. He will be out of action for at least six months. WWE Universe has shown it's concern and support in Edge but not Chris Jericho. Before I get to that, there was a debate over what to do with the titles.

Us the wrestling community of the Bleacher Report have had strong views about the Tag Team titles and what to do. Some say give to Legacy, some said a battle royal and in an article I made about the situation, I threw my two cents in and said that it should be a fatal four way tag team match for the titles. Now back to the story.

Jericho called Edge the "weakling" of the tag team and regret of having the Rated R Superstar as a tag partner. He had a plan though to make sure the titles were to stay even if Edge was out of action. There was a contract made for Y2J to have a partner of his choosing if something were to happen to Edge which unfortunately it did.

There have been names thrown around like The Miz, which as of late him and Y2J have had a war of words at Twitter. Also Mike Knox, Charlie Haas, The Brian Kendrick, etc. Even Christian, Edge's kayfabe brother has been thrown in the mix but he's competing for the ECW Championship. Dolph Ziggler's name has been thrown in the picture but he challenges Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship.

One name that raises eyebrows is Chris Masters who recently signed a contract with WWE.

As for Legacy, it hasn't been peachy as of late for the group. First you had disagreements between the Viper Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase, a match made by the Million Man between the two, even the tag team duo having a little bickering within, but nothing major. They have a chance to win the Unified Tag Team Championship, something that they didn't achieve last month.

At the Night of Champions, the identity of Y2J's partner will be revealed but who will it be? How well with the team of Jericho and his mystery partner pan out? Will Legacy finally become the Unified Tag Team Champions? Find out tonight on Pay Per View.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize imageI would have given it four stars but without Edge I'll give it three instead. 

PREDICTION: Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase - This tag team duo will win no matter which partner Jericho has in his corner. It's time for the third-generation superstars to take the next step instead of being good for only doing Randy Orton's dirty work.

WWE Divas Championship - Maryse (WWE Divas Champion) vs Mickie James

Maryse is finding out sometimes if you run from a fight, the fight will come to you.

Ever since Maryse arrived to RAW by the WWE Draft, she has not made the best of friends especially one Mickie James. James has won matches over Maryse and the were questions on whether Maryse was intimidated by the challenge of Mickie.

On the June 26th edition of RAW, there was a fatal four way match for the right to be the number one contender at Night of Champions. Mickie earned her shot by defeating Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly & Rosa Mendes and getting a shot at the Divas Champion Maryse.

Maryse may be just a pretty face but she is tenacious in the ring and do anything she can to be champion. As for Mickie James, she's a vet at winning championships and Maryse has to avoid any mistake in the match for her to lose the title.

Will the arrogant Canadian finally prevent Mickie from becoming champion or will Mickie look to become second behing Michelle to hold both the Divas and Women's Championship. Find out as these two fierce divas go at it at the Night of Champions. 

STAR RATING:Go to fullsize imageI'm looking forward to this match and it will own the Women's Championship. This is worth four stars.

PREDICTION: Mickie James - This is tough because I like both of these divas especially Maryse, yummy. Oh, anyway Maryse has had the belt for quite some since last year and it's time for that to end. Mickie has a resume of being a champion and it's her time to become Divas champion.

World Heavyweight Championship - CM Punk (World Heavyweight Champion) vs Jeff Hardy

This rivalry has gone from competing for the World Heavyweight Champion title to personal jabs. 2009 so far hasn't bode well for Jeff Hardy. First at the Royal Rumble, his brother Matt Hardy costs him the World Heavyweight Championship, then the person responsible for the attacks was Matt, then again Matt costs him his chance as champion at Judgment Day. 

Now at this time Hardy would have bee champion til that night at Extreme Rules but Punk cashed in his briefcase and won the title.

At The Bash, the curse kept on coming for Hardy but it wasn't his fault. Jeff thought he won the World title back but Punk's foot was under the ropes. At the end CM Punk kept the title, but how he kept it was very controversial. 

Punk kicked the referee by mistake in which he claimed was an eye injury which Jeff won by disqualification but didn't win the title. However, Jeff wasn't buying the fact that Punk's eye was really injured and he attacked him at the end of the match.

Ever since Punk won the title after Hardy's hard fought victory at Extreme Rules, he's become a target of the WWE Universe. Most of the fans felt that Punk stole Hardy's moment as being a champion. Punk plead his case about being the right opportunity but the fans and Jeff were not buying it. Still he didn't help himself even more with the fans.

He was once a fan favorite and loved by fans. Now, after recent events, Punk has taken the easy way out. He would forfeit matches because of his eye injury, he would run away from a fight which he never did, he would do heel-like tactics by hitting John Morrison with the GTS after losing to the Shaman of Sexy, attacking Hardy from behind. Plus his attitude has changed.

This Friday was definitely official that Punk was a true heel. In un-Straightedge fashion he attacked the WWE Universe by supporting Jeff Hardy because of his bouts with drug addiction.

Punk feels that the fans are being sucked in by the negativity of Jeff Hardy which is a fan favorite and look at him as a role model. In Punk's eyes it's a sign of betrayal but to the fans they love Jeff for who he is. This upset Jeff even more as he stood up for the Universe and said how he felt about Punk.

Now at Night of Champions, this bitter rivalry hits an all-time high when these two square off for the World Heavyweight Championship. Can Punk look to retain his title or will the Charismatic Enigma known as Jeff Hardy takes back what rightfully was his? We'll found in Philadelphia, tonight.

STAR RATING:Go to fullsize image This match will be better than the last match at The Bash. This feud is getting better and hopefully it will continue after Night of Champions. This will be a fight.

PREDICTION: CM Punk - I think Punk will come out the victor in this match. WWE is pushing hard for CM Punk to be a strong heel on Smackdown and also have a long reign as champion.

As far as Jeff Hardy goes, his future with the WWE is in the air. If he does stay, I do expect the feud between him & Punk to continue until SummerSlam. If not I see Punk taking on Rey Mysterio or John Morrison at SummerSlam. 

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship - Randy Orton (WWE Champion) vs. John Cena vs Triple H

For months, we have witnessed the bitter rivalry that is with former Evolution mates Randy Orton and Triple H. Orton has been on a terrorizing path, destroying Triple H's family The McMahons.

In April, Orton put HHH out of action with a severe kick to the skull at Backlash. Then after Legacy took out Batista, Triple H came back with a vengeance and destroyed Legacy including the WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Now it's becoming stale but a new element comes to play and that's John Cena. How did these three combustible elements come about?

The night after The Bash where Randy Orton was successful over Triple H in the Three Stages of Hell match, Batista was guest host on RAW. The Animal came up with an idea for a four-wrestler tournament where the winner would go on to face Randy Orton at the Night of Champions for the WWE Championship. Triple H defeated MVP in the first match and John Cena once again owned The Miz to advance to the final to take on The Game.

That match between HHH and Cena came to an end where Legacy members got involved so there was no winner. However, to the chagrin of Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase, even though there was not a winner...there was no loser.

So he made the match for Night of Champions but it was a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship with the Viper putting his title on the line against Triple H and John Cena.

This is not the first time that the top three superstars of RAW have met in a Triple Threat Match. Last year at WrestleMania XXIV, Randy was the WWE Champion and he defeated HHH and Cena. This time he might not slither his way out of Philadelphia with the WWE Championship.

Will RKO overcome both adversaries to keep his title? Will HHH win back the title that was his after losing it at Backlash. Will Cena Attitude Adjustment himself win become champion but as the WWE Champion. Three worlds collide in this huge match and it all takes place at the Wachovia Center.

STAR RATING:Go to fullsize imageThis is not gonna be the match that will steal the show but it won't be boring with these three.

PREDICTION: Randy Orton - I think he should stay as WWE Champion when SummerSlam comes around but there have been rumors going around about HHH/Cena as the main event next month. If that were to happen where would that leave Orton?

Somehow, Orton's gonna keep the belt and his cohorts Rhodes/DiBiase will make sure Orton leaves the City of Brotherly Love as WWE Champion.

Don't forget to order Night of Champions and witness a night where all championships are up for grabs. Will Jericho and his new partner keep the titles or will Legacy achieve success and win the titles? Will Punk stay as a champ or will Hardy find a way take back what was his? Will the reign of RKO as WWE Champion come to an find or will he overcome the odds.

Find out tonight. I'm Kendrick Davis and that's all for the Countdown to Night of Champions. Thank you for joining me.


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