NFL Coaches, It's Time We See Something New

Ray FavreCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2009

Every time you turn on the TV and watch the NFL, you never see anything creative that makes your eyes glisten in excitement. You see every coach in the league run the same plays every year. First, they run the ball left, right, and down the middle in a predictable fashion.

Then you always see them throw on the third down. It's a cycle. You never see any trick plays or anything creative. If NFL teams would run something new instead of the same old plays, the defense would never know what to expect, and it's an easy TD!

So, would it really hurt for an NFL coach to at least come up with one trick play in a game, instead of having the same conservative, plain, ordinary, predictable offenses that all NFL teams run? Is it really hard for an NFL coach that makes a million or more a year to come up with something different!

Let's take the Vikings, for example, because I know all about their team and I watch them every week.

They are going into the season with Percy Harvin, Adrian Peterson, Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice, Chester Taylor, etc. They have so many tools to work with and can use them in many ways.

They could have Peterson and Harvin both serve as RBs on the field at the same time. They could have Harvin go out for a swing pass and a fake hand-off to Peterson, or they could do the opposite. They could have Harvin take the snap and have him and Peterson go in a speed option.

Another example was in Superbowl XL with the Seahawks and the Steelers. Everyone remembers this play.

It started off with a toss play to the left to willie Parker, he then reversed hand-offed to Antwan Randel el, Randel el then threw it deep to Hines Ward for a touchdown.

It was just a case of an easy trick play that was executed to perfection. That is something that more NFL teams need to be doing every week, in the playoffs, and in the big stage.

So alternatively, why can't they come up with different formations that'll leave the defense guessing where they're going to go? So, if you're an NFL coach doing your best trying to win games, then at least make an effort to try to win them!