Georges St-Pierre: No Surgery Needed

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJuly 26, 2009

Darn it!

I decide to return to my favorite pastime of writing an article on my favorite fighter and the Bleacher Report photo copier crops the tips off Georges' new logo  which was unveiled at UFC 100! What rotten luck!

All I really want to say is that thankfully, Georges' MRI showed that he did not need to have surgery on his abductor after pulling it during the fourth round of his fight with Thiago Alves.

He is now able to make light of the situation and appreciate the humor in his trainer, Greg Jackson's, instructions to hit Alves with his groin, after he informed Greg of pulling the muscle.

As calmly as Jackson made the statement, one could believe that he said it without any thoughts of comedic relief at that very moment.

Commentators and the Press would relive the moment with quite a lot of chuckling, following the lopsided win for GSP to retain his Welterweight championship.

If it gave Georges cause for concern or any inconvenience during the final round, he certainly did not show it in his fighting.

Afterwards he mentioned it to Thiago and anyone else who would stop congratulating him long enough to hear him out, so it must have really hurt a lot.

I was at home messaging his manager, conditioning trainer, and close friends demanding that they immediately apply ice to the area.

Whether he was able to sleep that night or not, I do not know.

I did not sleep and was a wreck while waiting to hear the results of his MRI and the final decision of what options were available.

Surgery, a worse case scenario, would have had me on suicide watch with my husband who knows how little I think of hospitals after my last experience.

Thank heaven Georges is such a great athlete and in such wonderful condition.

Now the way is clear for him to defend his title against the winner of the Swick vs. Kampman match.

Whew! Tragedy averted!

Now if I can find a way to get over my love-hate affair with the UFC's Dana White, I may be able to return to a near state of normalcy.

But don't count on it.

Any of my long time fans will know what I mean.