Zuffa: Need I Say More?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJuly 26, 2009

And the winner is . . .

Come on, from the title, you all know the answer to the question.

Well at least my Affliction shirts are still in style, even though their fights are long gone.

Could steroids have been slipped in Josh Barnett's drink at UFC 100?

Sabotage would be right up the White's mob mentality--just my opinion making itself known, as usual.

Well, at least Fedor and I still like the same flavors of ice cream and geese. We will always have that.

Will Fedor ever sign with the UFC?

He says not.

Of course I for one believe him.

In the d*ck measuring world of Dana White, everything has a price and he will never be on a level to understand us ice cream and goose lovers.

There are people who do not feel the need to "be" the best by Zuffa standards.

Imagine that!

Well I believe it is true, whether Dana White (the "other" DW) believes it or not.

Tom Atencio was my kind of man.

He had a great sense of humor and could even laugh at himself.

What a breath of fresh air!

Prepare for the pollution to come.

Soon Dana will be spewing more F words than Atencio ever thought of saying.

Is it too much to expect that the man trying to show the world that MMA is a legitimate sport be able to speak like a gentleman?

I do not remember hearing the F word in the sporting world I have watched for years on TV until Dana White exploded on the screen.

NFL, NBA, and MLB commentators, coaches and players didn't singe the ears of the families watching them at home with dirty words.

So why must Dana White?

If the UFC never gets on a major broadcasting network, I think most folks will know the reason why.

In spite of the "look what I have done to bring MMA to the mainstream spiel" that Dana loves to brag about, why does he continue to talk like the criminal element that honest, hard working folks want to protect their children from, especially on TV?

I am Dana hear me F****** roar, only goes so far before it gets disgusting to even the hardcore UFC fan.

If I am going to return to the UFC fold, I would appreciate some consideration from the other DW, starting with a cleaner mouth. (Really, do you think he kisses his kids with that mouth?) Talking as he does, in my opinion, constitutes child abuse.

Here I stand, teetering on the brink of going back on my word and watching the UFC again.

My husband who argues with me not to cut off my nose to spite my face, states he will be purchasing the August 8th PPV and will not expect me to remain in the bedroom while he watches alone.

Why did I find it necessary to convert him to "my sport"?

What was so wrong with him loving NASCAR?

What will Grandma do?

Let Zuffa win another one?

Hmm. . . .