"Patriots Won't Win The SB" and It's Proof Steeler Fans Have Issues

Steven FennerCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2009

Here we are only late July and the long summer is taking it's toll on all of us. Espcecially certain Steeler fans.

A fan base that certainly loves their team with great passion, but sometimes passion blinds the mind and causes great delusion.

As we all know the Steelers are the current reigning Champions and played a great season this past year and have much to be proud of. But what is with all the fear and loathing of the Patriots?

It seems they are the only team of concern to the Steeler fan. You see article upon article dissecting the Patriots and why they aren't any good, or why they won't be a major threat. HEY! If that is so, then what are you worried about? They don't even play each other this coming season.

You hear all the same things spouted time and again. The defense is old, they have no defensive backfield, Belichick cheats, Brady's knee, omg the friggen knee.

As proof of why they think this, .... .... .... ....., yup silence. No real facts, just something they have heard from a buddy, that heard from a friend, that has a cousin that listened to Jim Rome once back in 2002.

One of my personal favorites, the Patriots running game is a mess. Ummm what? They were ranked 6th in the NFL last season.

All the reasons they come up with are bogus, and you can say the same things about the Steelers, but actually have a legitimate point. (Care to take a look at the running game. 23rd?)

Back on the knee, "it's a major injury and just look at how Carson Palmer suffered the following year." Yup he was horrible, not easy making the Probowl for a second year in a row. That's terrible. (They really should check with their physcian first before increasingt their dosage of xanax.)

Facts are meaningless to them, they get in the way of "their" reality and delusion. I guess you could call it a group delusion since it's rampant throughout their fan base.

Well I'm jumping on their wagon, they are completley correct, the Patriots have no shot this coming season. None! (snicker, snicker) I'm just going to turn in my gear and call it a year. (giggle, giggle)

Hey if it's true then they have nothing to worry about.

Remember Steeler fans "The only thing we have to fear is, fear itself."

Lol, sleep well the boogie man might be right under your bed and he is wearing a Patriots jersey. BOO!

Anyone know why they don't write articles about how the Bengals have no shot?