The WAC And The SEC: The Truth Of The BCS

Fletcher KellyContributor IJuly 25, 2009

HOLLYWOOD - JULY 11:  Boise State football player Ian Johnson accepts the award for 'Best Play' onstage during the 2007 ESPY Awards at the Kodak Theatre on July 11, 2007 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

I recently got back from our Varsity football camp at EOU. It was very tiring, getting up at 6 to play football all day. Although Homedale High is known for football, we are only a 3A school.

That didn't matter at camp. We only lost one game to our conference rival Payette. We beat 3 5A schools and another 3 4A schools.

We didn't let size or intimidation affect us as we played. However, that is exactly what happens with college football. They get intimidated and get creamed.

If you have the players to be playing division 1 college football, you shouldn't be left our because of the name of the conference. I can tell you right now that Boise State and Nevada are two teams that any team in the SEC wouldn't want to play.

People disrespect WAC and MWC teams because of their weak out-of-conference games. Well when you have to go undefeated to make it to a BCS game, you can't play big teams and expect to get credit. One loss and you're done. Heck, last year Boise State went undefeated in the regular season and still didn't get picked for the BCS.

I think that the whole BCS is funny. People always wondered how Americans were so disrespectful with slavery in the past; in a way, it's the exact same thing as the way the WAC is treated.

Black people couldn't help it that they were black; yet they were made slaves. The WAC can't help it that they aren't considered a good conference, but they kick butt anyway.

The BCS is just afraid that by letting teams from the WAC or MWC into a big bowl game, the NCAA will lose it's respect; it will lose its class. They have yet to realize that kids that play D1 college football are great athletes, no matter what school they're at.

It's all about money and national exposure, and the WAC just doesn't have either. It's a shame that college football is so addicting, because it's just a big pile of crap.