The Good, The Bad, and The Oakland Raiders

Fletcher KellyContributor IJuly 25, 2009

ALAMEDA, CA - JANUARY 23:  Newly hired head coach of the Oakland Raiders, Lane Kiffin (L), smiles as Raiders owner Al Davis reacts to a question during a press conference on January 23, 2007 in Alameda, California. Kiffin, a 31 year-old offensive coordinator from the University of Southern California, was named as the new head coach to replace Art Shell who was fired after going 2-14 for the season.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

In response to Ramone Brown's "San Diego Chargers: Scum of the NFL"

First off, I would take Rivers any day over Eli. Rivers has a better arm, work ethic, and personality. Do you know why Manning won a Super Bowl? He had great reveivers and a great defense.

What happened to good sportsmanship? I don't mind giving a little crap to other people, but come on. Raider fans are by far the most ignorant SOBs in the league.

Instead of living in the glory days, why don't you shut up until you have a chance at the division. You say that the Spanos family and AJ Smith are pathetic? Apparently you haven't heard Uncle Al's motto: Speed first, talent later.

I'm a Padre fan, and we're in a bit of a dry spell. Do you see me saying that we are going to demolish the Dodgers? As much as I hate to say it, we'll probably get our butts kicked. Yet, I don't sit there and rant helplessly about the Dodgers.

Chargers are scum of the league? You're a funny guy. Brees wanted too much. If you have a coach that doesn't fit into the system, why would you keep him? Why are you bringing that up anyway? We still have a franchise quarterback who makes your defense look like little girls.

Here are some IDIOTIC moves by Fader Nation: releasing DeAngelo Hall, Keith Davis, and Javon Walker, drafting DHB over Crabtree and Michael Mitchell in the 2nd, and Lechler's four-year, $16M deal. Do you want me to keep going?

"They all act pretty smug especially being the only team in the division without a SB win and only six players in the HOF." Really? As of right now, there is absolutely no chance of a SB for you. So don't bring that up while we are on the verge of taking it all.

As for the last three years, the first two were good, but then we lost our best player in Merriman. You couldn't even beat us when we were without our best player. Good luck now that he's healthy. We also have English, Burnett, and Ellison to ensure that we will dominate on defense.

Have fun with a crazy GM and a pathetic team.