Stop the Presses! Tebow WASN'T a Unanimous Selection AND Is a Virgin!

Jon ReinContributor IJuly 25, 2009

BATON ROUGE, LA - SEPTEMBER 22:  Head coach Steve Spurrier of the South Carolina Gamecocks reacts to a play against the Louisiana State University Tigers at Tiger Stadium September 22, 2007 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Tigers defeated the Gamecocks 28-16.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Once again, every sports journalist on Earth has made a big deal about something that shouldn't even get a blurb on the back page of the sports section. 

Here's a taste of what I'm talking about.

Quick question: Why in the world should anyone care about Tim Tebow's virginity?

The fact that Mike Bianchi is commending some idiot reporter from AOL for asking a pointless & irrelevant question is stupefying to me as a sports fan. 

Last time I checked, I'm pretty sure the idea of a media day in any sport should be building up your program to the media at large, not to talk about the purity of the face of the sport, which I openly admit is Tim Tebow.  This kind of information deserves to be on Page Six, not in the sports pages.

And as if things couldn't get worse at the SEC Media Day, we've discovered that Steve Spurrier inadvertently voted for Jevan Snead as first-team SEC quarterback, thus making Tebow a non-unanimous pick on the first-team offense.  Spurrier went on to blame the Director of Operations, since apparently he did the voting.

Again I ask: Who cares?

If this were to happen to any other position play in any other conference, this would be a non-issue, as it should be.  Sam Bradford isn't an unanimous pick and the topic is discussed for five minutes on ESPN and the world keeps spinning.

Unfortunately, the "victim" is Tim Tebow.

Because of this injustice, the world has come to screeching halt and a witch hunt was started to find out who in the world could have possibly done this horrific thing.

Even if it wasn't a mistake by Spurrier, isn't it within his rights to pick whoever he wants at whatever position he wants?  Doesn't the same apply to whoever fills out his ballot?

If the old ball coach wants to pick Jevan Snead, it means he feels that's the best player at that position in the conference.  It's not a slight to his old Alma Mater like the sports world feels it is.

We can go about our lives though, now that Spurrier has come out and said the problem has been rectified.  It's shameless that because Tebow wasn't a unanimous selection, the media feels it necessary to vilify the one person who doesn't vote him first-team.

I'm afraid to see what happens if Tebow doesn't get every first-ballot vote for the Heisman this season.  It might be Armageddon!