SEC Football Roundtable: Arkansas Razorbacks

John StevensCorrespondent IMay 10, 2008

What are some of the major position battles going on within your team?

At Right DE: Adrian Davis and Antwain Robinson
At TE: D.J. Williams and Andrew Davie(both will most likely see plenty of playing time)
At FS: Matt Harris and Rashaad Johnson
At one of the WR positions: Carlton Salters and Lucas Miller
Who are some players on each side of the ball that you see emerging as stars this year?
Casey Dick-QB
Ray Dominguez-Off LT
London Crawford-WR
D.J. Williams-TE
Michael Smith-RB
Ryan Powers-WLB
Matt Harris-FS
Adrian Davis-DE
Antwain Robinson-DE
Alex Tejada-Kicker
Are there any injuries your team is worrying about?
Elston Forte-SLB
Ben Cleveland-TE/FB/H-Back
Wendell Davis-MLB
Crosby Tuck-WR
Jerell Norton-Kick Returner
What do you think your team’s major strengths and weaknesses will be?
Strength: O-Line, QB, TE, D-Line, Secondary, Kicking
Weakness: RB(Depth), WR(yet to be determined), LB(Depth)
What games are you most looking forward to watching this year?
Key Games: Texas, Alabama, Florida, Auburn
Most Interesting Games: Ole Miss, Tulsa
What record do you think your team will end the regular season with?

8-4 at least.

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