Ten Top Tens For College Football, The July 2009 Edition

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Ten Top Tens For College Football, The July 2009 Edition
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It's been a while since I did my weekly Ten Top Ten lists which are featured here at Bleacher Report every Sunday during College Football season. Time to get warmed up.

Ten Things I Won't Miss After The Season Kicks Off

1. Lane Kiffin Articles-This subject got tired about three days after he took the job.

2. "We're Gonna"-Soon it will be time to actually do.

3. Small Crowds Here at Bleacher Report-We'll have a ton of people here, until their team falls back in the pack.

4. Cubs Fans-We should be sticking a fork in the Northsiders by late August.

5. Reading Articles Predicting Week One-I primarily pick games and if there are no injuries that affect outcomes between now and then it would be a first.

6. Being Stumped When Looking For a New Topic To Write About-With 50 games a week there is always plenty to look at.

7. Nothing on TV on Saturday Nights-It's football all day and night these days.

8. Nothing on TV During The Week-It seems they have a football game on nearly every night during some weeks.

9. Hearing About How an 18 year Old Recruit is "The Second Coming"-The journey back to earth commences as we see these "must have" players play against the next level.

10. Preseason Rankings-They aren't out yet but we'll be hearing about them soon enough.

Ten Offensive Players To Watch in 2009

1. Tim Tebow-I am starting to believe he really is Superman.

2. Colt McCoy-I pounded him preseason last year. By mid season I was a fan.

3. Sam Bradford-If he tops last years numbers the Sooners may average 60-70 points a game.

4. Jacquizz Rodgers-When healthy, he's a game changer.

5. Noel Devine-It's his team this year.

6. Dez Bryant-I'm not sold on his Cowboys just yet.

7. Julio Jones-Alabama's best offensive player.

8. Terrelle Pryor-While many say he isn't under pressure, he sure gets a ton of ink and I can see the pressure mounting.

9. Jimmy Claussen-Was last year's Hawaii Bowl the real Jimmy Claussen?

10. Jahvid Best-If there is a 2,000 yard rusher this season, this is the guy.

Ten Defensive Players To Watch in 2009

1. Terrence Cody-The most dominating player in College Football on either side of the ball.

2. Brandon Spikes-The best Gator defender since Wilbur Marshall.

3. Eric Berry-We'll be hearing what sounds like fireworks coming from Rocky Top.

4. Jerry Hughes-Can absolutely blow up a game plan.

5. Greg Hardy-One of the more ferocious hitters out there.

6. Taylor Mays-Probably a top ten NFL Draft pick.

7. Gerald McCoy-The next Tommie Harris?

8. Rennie Curran-Hard to believe he's almost a forgotten man.

9. George Selvie-Two seasons back he had the best season a Defensive End ever had.

10. Sean Spence-If the Canes return to glory, he will be a big reason.

Ten Teams On Some Kind Of A Mission

1. Washington-A mission to win a game.

2. Oklahoma-A mission to win a BCS game.

3. Notre Dame-A mission to return to glory.

4. Florida-A mission to run the table.

5. Michigan- A mission to prove last season was a fluke.

6. Texas-A mission to prove the BCS had it wrong last year.

7. Ole Miss-A Mission to go to the next level.

8. Oregon-A mission to knock USC off of the top of the Pac-10 standings.

9. TCU-A mission to show Mountain West teams belong.

10. Florida State-A mission to send Bobby out on top.

Ten Things That Definitely Won't Happen This Season

1. Me Being Asked To Dot The "i"-Don't see it happening.

2. A Group Hug Between Alabama and Auburn Fans-Don't see it on the agenda.

3. The BCS Working-It never does.

4. Listening To Brent Musberger For an Entire Game-I've heard of judges handing this out as sentence for some crimes.

5. Quality Officiating-One of the biggest issues with today's game.

6. Replay Not Affecting The Pace of the Game-How about an eight minute stoppage to determine if we need a stoppage?

7. Less Non Deserving Bowl Teams-Bowl affiliations pretty much killed the significance of the bowls.

8. The Pac-10 Not Screaming About an Anti-West Coast Thing-I have more than just started to agree with them.

9. Watching Gameday-haven't watched it in many years.

10. Preseason Poll Being Even Remotely Close-Last year's is a joke.

Ten Coaches I Cheer For

1. Joe Paterno-He does it right.

2. Pat Fitzgerald-His players graduate.

3. Randy Shannon-Say what you will, the expectation at Miami is to run the table and win the National Title and he hasn't had much to work with, yet.

4. Mack Brown-Handled last year's disappointment with total class.

5. Chris Petersen-What is he going to cook up next?

6. Brian Kelly-He wins wherever he goes.

7. Les Miles-Has his shortcomings but he's a straight shooter and it's tough not to respect that.

8. Kyle Whittingham-This guy is going places.

9. Jim Grobe-Has done more with less than most people do with more.

10. Rich Brooks-Never gets the credit he deserves.

Ten Named Games I Just Like Saying

1. Clean, Old Fashioned Hate-Georgia-Georgia Tech.

2. The Red River Rivalry-Oklahoma-Texas.

3. The Big Game-Stanford-Cal.

4. The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party-Florida-Georgia.

5. The Iron Bowl-Auburn-Alabama.

6. Holy War-BYU-Utah.

7. The Duel in the Desert-Arizona-Arizona State.

8. Civil War-Oregon-Oregon State.

9. The Rocky Mountain Showdown-Colorado-Colorado State.

10. The Game-Ohio State-Michigan.

Ten Bleacher College Football Writers That  I Read Everything They Write (not the only 10, that's for sure)

1. Baby Tate-The Master

2. Lisa Horne-Any chance she reappears?

3. Justin Goar-Humor, facts, and a tailgate party. He's got it all going on.

4. Gray Ghost-Takes it to a whole new level.

5. Tim Pollack-Haven't seen him around much lately but I'm sure he'll be around soon enough.

6. Kevin Paul-Has written some articles so funny I have literally cried from laughing so hard.

7. David Wunderlich-Our resident statistician even if it is with a Gator slant.

8. Brian Scott-Every article Brian writes is worth reading, twice.

9. Michael Felder-He was my first fan and I am still a big fan of his.

10. Craig Trapp-My radio show co-host is one of the best sports handicappers in the world. This guy picks winners.

Ten Places To See College Football

1. Go To A Game-Always option number one.

2. CBS-Always has the biggest SEC game.

3. ABC-Volume muted if it's Musberger.

4. ESPN-Usually good stuff but they throw some miserable Indiana-Iowa type matchups seemingly every Saturday for the early game.

5. Gameplan- Anyone know if the games are in HD this year?

6. NBC-Notre Dame and just Notre Dame.

7. Versus-Some of the most miserable coverage of a game you'll ever see and hear. Barely watchable.

8. Fox-Primarily their regional cable network.

9. Big Ten Network-This is where that Iowa-Indiana game belongs.

10. Online-Seems we are getting more and more online coverage. This is a good thing.

Ten Things From Last Season We Can Do Without

1. Blackouts-A bad idea to sell more gear. Ask Georgia if it worked.

2. Bad Calls-You would think with replay they would get it right at least.

3. Bad Spotting of the Ball-How can they get this so wrong so often?

4. Cupcakes on the Schedule-Teams are running out of the "adding of the extra game and needing to find someone to play" excuse.

5. Five Win Teams in New Years Day Bowls-Something has got to give.

6. Tommy Bowden-Oh that's right, we are doing without.

7. Bad " Celebration Calls" Changing Games-At least let's make it something consistent. Seems really random especially if you watch multiple games on multiple TV's like I do.

8. Rule Changes To Make It More Like The NFL-We like it because it isn't the NFL.

9. Games Delayed By Hurricanes and Other Events-Maybe Mother Nature gives everyone a break this year.

10. Polls that Don't Correlate to What Happened On The Field-My Magic 8-Ball says "outlook not so good"

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