Ten Top Tens For College Football, The July 2009 Edition

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IJuly 25, 2009

LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 29:  Jimmy Clausen #7 of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish looks to hand off the ball against the USC Trojans on November 29, 2008 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California.  USC won 38-3.  (Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images)

It's been a while since I did my weekly Ten Top Ten lists which are featured here at Bleacher Report every Sunday during College Football season. Time to get warmed up.

Ten Things I Won't Miss After The Season Kicks Off

1. Lane Kiffin Articles-This subject got tired about three days after he took the job.

2. "We're Gonna"-Soon it will be time to actually do.

3. Small Crowds Here at Bleacher Report-We'll have a ton of people here, until their team falls back in the pack.

4. Cubs Fans-We should be sticking a fork in the Northsiders by late August.

5. Reading Articles Predicting Week One-I primarily pick games and if there are no injuries that affect outcomes between now and then it would be a first.

6. Being Stumped When Looking For a New Topic To Write About-With 50 games a week there is always plenty to look at.

7. Nothing on TV on Saturday Nights-It's football all day and night these days.

8. Nothing on TV During The Week-It seems they have a football game on nearly every night during some weeks.

9. Hearing About How an 18 year Old Recruit is "The Second Coming"-The journey back to earth commences as we see these "must have" players play against the next level.

10. Preseason Rankings-They aren't out yet but we'll be hearing about them soon enough.

Ten Offensive Players To Watch in 2009

1. Tim Tebow-I am starting to believe he really is Superman.

2. Colt McCoy-I pounded him preseason last year. By mid season I was a fan.

3. Sam Bradford-If he tops last years numbers the Sooners may average 60-70 points a game.

4. Jacquizz Rodgers-When healthy, he's a game changer.

5. Noel Devine-It's his team this year.

6. Dez Bryant-I'm not sold on his Cowboys just yet.

7. Julio Jones-Alabama's best offensive player.

8. Terrelle Pryor-While many say he isn't under pressure, he sure gets a ton of ink and I can see the pressure mounting.

9. Jimmy Claussen-Was last year's Hawaii Bowl the real Jimmy Claussen?

10. Jahvid Best-If there is a 2,000 yard rusher this season, this is the guy.

Ten Defensive Players To Watch in 2009

1. Terrence Cody-The most dominating player in College Football on either side of the ball.

2. Brandon Spikes-The best Gator defender since Wilbur Marshall.

3. Eric Berry-We'll be hearing what sounds like fireworks coming from Rocky Top.

4. Jerry Hughes-Can absolutely blow up a game plan.

5. Greg Hardy-One of the more ferocious hitters out there.

6. Taylor Mays-Probably a top ten NFL Draft pick.

7. Gerald McCoy-The next Tommie Harris?

8. Rennie Curran-Hard to believe he's almost a forgotten man.

9. George Selvie-Two seasons back he had the best season a Defensive End ever had.

10. Sean Spence-If the Canes return to glory, he will be a big reason.

Ten Teams On Some Kind Of A Mission

1. Washington-A mission to win a game.

2. Oklahoma-A mission to win a BCS game.

3. Notre Dame-A mission to return to glory.

4. Florida-A mission to run the table.

5. Michigan- A mission to prove last season was a fluke.

6. Texas-A mission to prove the BCS had it wrong last year.

7. Ole Miss-A Mission to go to the next level.

8. Oregon-A mission to knock USC off of the top of the Pac-10 standings.

9. TCU-A mission to show Mountain West teams belong.

10. Florida State-A mission to send Bobby out on top.

Ten Things That Definitely Won't Happen This Season

1. Me Being Asked To Dot The "i"-Don't see it happening.

2. A Group Hug Between Alabama and Auburn Fans-Don't see it on the agenda.

3. The BCS Working-It never does.

4. Listening To Brent Musberger For an Entire Game-I've heard of judges handing this out as sentence for some crimes.

5. Quality Officiating-One of the biggest issues with today's game.

6. Replay Not Affecting The Pace of the Game-How about an eight minute stoppage to determine if we need a stoppage?

7. Less Non Deserving Bowl Teams-Bowl affiliations pretty much killed the significance of the bowls.

8. The Pac-10 Not Screaming About an Anti-West Coast Thing-I have more than just started to agree with them.

9. Watching Gameday-haven't watched it in many years.

10. Preseason Poll Being Even Remotely Close-Last year's is a joke.

Ten Coaches I Cheer For

1. Joe Paterno-He does it right.

2. Pat Fitzgerald-His players graduate.

3. Randy Shannon-Say what you will, the expectation at Miami is to run the table and win the National Title and he hasn't had much to work with, yet.

4. Mack Brown-Handled last year's disappointment with total class.

5. Chris Petersen-What is he going to cook up next?

6. Brian Kelly-He wins wherever he goes.

7. Les Miles-Has his shortcomings but he's a straight shooter and it's tough not to respect that.

8. Kyle Whittingham-This guy is going places.

9. Jim Grobe-Has done more with less than most people do with more.

10. Rich Brooks-Never gets the credit he deserves.

Ten Named Games I Just Like Saying

1. Clean, Old Fashioned Hate-Georgia-Georgia Tech.

2. The Red River Rivalry-Oklahoma-Texas.

3. The Big Game-Stanford-Cal.

4. The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party-Florida-Georgia.

5. The Iron Bowl-Auburn-Alabama.

6. Holy War-BYU-Utah.

7. The Duel in the Desert-Arizona-Arizona State.

8. Civil War-Oregon-Oregon State.

9. The Rocky Mountain Showdown-Colorado-Colorado State.

10. The Game-Ohio State-Michigan.

Ten Bleacher College Football Writers That  I Read Everything They Write (not the only 10, that's for sure)

1. Baby Tate-The Master

2. Lisa Horne-Any chance she reappears?

3. Justin Goar-Humor, facts, and a tailgate party. He's got it all going on.

4. Gray Ghost-Takes it to a whole new level.

5. Tim Pollack-Haven't seen him around much lately but I'm sure he'll be around soon enough.

6. Kevin Paul-Has written some articles so funny I have literally cried from laughing so hard.

7. David Wunderlich-Our resident statistician even if it is with a Gator slant.

8. Brian Scott-Every article Brian writes is worth reading, twice.

9. Michael Felder-He was my first fan and I am still a big fan of his.

10. Craig Trapp-My radio show co-host is one of the best sports handicappers in the world. This guy picks winners.

Ten Places To See College Football

1. Go To A Game-Always option number one.

2. CBS-Always has the biggest SEC game.

3. ABC-Volume muted if it's Musberger.

4. ESPN-Usually good stuff but they throw some miserable Indiana-Iowa type matchups seemingly every Saturday for the early game.

5. Gameplan- Anyone know if the games are in HD this year?

6. NBC-Notre Dame and just Notre Dame.

7. Versus-Some of the most miserable coverage of a game you'll ever see and hear. Barely watchable.

8. Fox-Primarily their regional cable network.

9. Big Ten Network-This is where that Iowa-Indiana game belongs.

10. Online-Seems we are getting more and more online coverage. This is a good thing.

Ten Things From Last Season We Can Do Without

1. Blackouts-A bad idea to sell more gear. Ask Georgia if it worked.

2. Bad Calls-You would think with replay they would get it right at least.

3. Bad Spotting of the Ball-How can they get this so wrong so often?

4. Cupcakes on the Schedule-Teams are running out of the "adding of the extra game and needing to find someone to play" excuse.

5. Five Win Teams in New Years Day Bowls-Something has got to give.

6. Tommy Bowden-Oh that's right, we are doing without.

7. Bad " Celebration Calls" Changing Games-At least let's make it something consistent. Seems really random especially if you watch multiple games on multiple TV's like I do.

8. Rule Changes To Make It More Like The NFL-We like it because it isn't the NFL.

9. Games Delayed By Hurricanes and Other Events-Maybe Mother Nature gives everyone a break this year.

10. Polls that Don't Correlate to What Happened On The Field-My Magic 8-Ball says "outlook not so good"


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