Things That Bug Me About Smackdown

D-KwikContributor IJuly 25, 2009

Ok it's almost 4 A.M. and I'm writing this, I can't sleep so I thought what the hell, I'll write another article.

Anyways yours truly DVR'd Smackdown and just watched it. Now there are a couple issues that I have with the show and I'll address them right now.

1. The Big Red Pussycat

For the past couple of weeks we have seen a developing feud going on with The Great Khali and Kane.

Now everytime those two giants meet, Kane cowers away...Let me repeat this, KANE COWERS AWAY!

You have got to be kitten me, I mean kidding me. The Big Red Machine keeps backing down to Khali, every time.

This annoys me because we all know what Kane is known for and capable but yet instead of going in the ring and ripping that big S.O.B. apart, he slithers away.

Unless we see something drastic from Kane like we normally see from him then, I put the Fire out on being a Kane fan.

2. Mr. Perfect...ion Scores With Maria

Dolph Ziggler is rising fast and making sure everyone knows him by now.

About two weeks ago, we saw Ziggy come out of the closet...with Maria. One of the hottest divas in my opinion (except her in-ring ability isn't as good as the rest of the divas but she can scrap) is shacking up with Mr. Perfection.

I hate how Maria likes the douche-bags so to speak, I mean she's doing much better than her recent relationship with good ol' Santino.

But I just don't like her with Dolph Ziggler, unless they turn her bubble-headed ass into a heel, but I can't see that.

Anyways shock up some points for Ziggy, he's got the girl and will soon have the IC title. (Summerslam most likely, not NOC)

3. John Morrison M.I.A.

John Morrison did not wrestle tonight which really irked me because he's the main reason I watch FDS.

All we got was a video package of "The Shaman Of Sexy" instead of one hell of a match-up.

In my opinion he's the best thing Smackdown has, and he draws my attention every week.

Let's all hope that in just a short while he takes that title off of Punk, I can't wait.

4. CM Punk Prevails...Again.

Okay, now I don't mind Jeff Hardy, he doesn't bother me and sometimes I'll cheer from him. On the other hand, I absolutely can't stand Punk.

But week after week, we see Punk get the upper hand on Hardy which is really starting to P.M.O.

Granted, Jeff is leaving soon but just because he's leaving don't make it look like he's completely helpless when it comes to CM Punk.

It just seems Hardy can't get the edge in this feud (no pun intended).

5. No Backstage Promos Or Brawls

There's nothing like a decent promo, but lately Smackdown hasn't been giving us any good promos.

I love backstage promos, It just gets me excited. What gets me even more excited is a backstage brawl.

Backstage brawls are absolutely awesome, yet we haven't seen any lately. Most likely because of our PG era.

But these would liven every show and make them more enjoyable.

Well these are the things that currently bother me about Friday Night Smackdown. Leave a comment if you got one good or bad because i know Shane or Scott are going to crucify me on one of these points, so have at it.