White Sox 2009 Season

Cornielius Jackson-EdwardsCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2017

The Chicago White Sox 2009 record for right now is 50 - 47, and they are in 2nd place of the American League Central Division. Their ace Mark Buehrle pitched a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays to complete a 6 - 2 record against the defending American League Champions for the 2009 season. The White Sox really showed revenge against the Rays this year after losing to them in the ALCS three games to one. The White Sox have a lot of young players on their team, including Chris Getz, Gordon Beckham, Jason Nix, Alexei Ramirez, Jayson Nix, etc.

The White Sox have had poor pinch hitting production this year. A.J. Pierzynski hits for good average, helps the pitcher throw the right pitch, and he is a good teammate for the White Sox. He has had trouble throwing out base runners this year.

The White Sox rank 18 out of 30 teams in MLB Attendance for the 2009 season, and they ranked 12 out of 30 teams in payroll. They rank 9 out of 14 in the American League for batting average, they rank 4 out of 14 in the American League for pitching (but they could still improve their ERA), and they rank 3 out of 14 in the American League for fielding.

Sadly for the White Sox fans today, they got swept in their double header against the Division leading Detroit Tigers today after taking three out of four games from the Tampa Bay Rays. The White Sox aren’t a give up team, so they will fight as hard as they can.

Carlos Quentin is very good for the White Sox when he is healthy, but he has had injury problems this year and last year, but if he plays at his potential and stays healthy, the White Sox will have a better chance of another World Series trophy.

The White Sox have improved speed this year from last year, but they have younger players so they haven’t won as many games, but they aren’t out. The young players on the White Sox could be great players later in their careers.

Bobby Jenks has done a good job closing out games this year for the White Sox like usual. His ERA is 4.24 and he has saved 22 games of out 25 chances. Bobby Jenks is the youngest closer to save the clinching game of the World Series.

I hope you good, loyal White Sox fans keep supporting your team. Can the White Sox win the American League Central? Can they win the World Series? Keep your debates going.