The Battle Of The Stars: Lionel Messi Vs. Cristiano Ronaldo

Jacques-Marie RoppelnonContributor IJuly 24, 2009

ROME, ITALY - MAY 27:  Cristiano Ronaldo (R) of Manchester United FC and Lionel Messi of Barcelona during the UEFA Champions League Final match between Barcelona and Manchester United at the Stadio Olimpico on May 27, 2009 in Rome, Italy.  (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

    On May 27, 2009, Lionel Messi walked off the pitch with a big smile on his face, after scoring one great goal, that widened the lead between his Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo's Manchester United. The 2-0 victory by Barca featured the whole Barcelona team playing EXCELLENTLY. In the 10th minute, Eto'o made a great cutback move in the box, and tapped the ball in. Sixty minutes after Eto'o's goal, Messi scored jumped about four feet, and hit a header, off a beautiful cross from Xavi.

Now the Ronaldo-Messi rivalry is back better than ever because of Ronaldo's $80 million transfer to Real Madrid. This is a classic rivalry of history, and of Messi and Ronaldo. They will play each other at least twice next year, which brings the question, Who is the better player?

    I think that Messi is a young, little guy, who is so fast, and can get by any number of defenders. To me, when he evades a defender, it looks like he goes through the defender not around him. Messi get tripped, or shoved, manages to keep his balance, and keeps on running. Leo can shoot very precisely, at any angle, which he's really proved. He is unselfish, and a good teammate. In my opinion, to be a good athlete, personality is one of the major factors.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is also young, with loads of talent, and great footwork, if you've seen him do his moves. Ronaldo can definitely evade a defender, and his long shooting is remarkable. His free kicks are so good because the dip, so it's really hard for the goalie to save. But, sometimes he dives and argues with the ref, and gets mad, which I don't like.

    I think these are both special players, and by putting one ahead of the other, I'm not disrespecting either one of them.

Messi's grade: A+

Ronaldo's grade: A