Handing Out the American League Midseason Awards

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJuly 24, 2009

After carefully assessing the performances of all worthy candidates through the first half of the Major League Baseball season, here are my choices for each American League Award:


MVP: Mark Teixeira (New York Yankees)

Texeira’s all-around game has fueled the Bronx Bombers to a two game lead over the Boston Red Sox.


Cy Young: Roy Halladay (Toronto Blue Jays)

Not only does Doc dominate his competition, but he stays in the ball game longer than any other pitcher of his era.


Rookie Of The Year: Ricky Romero (Toronto Blue Jays)

Ricky may be only a rookie, but he’s pitching like an ace already.


Comeback Player Of The Year: Jorge Posada (New York Yankees)

Jorge has come back from an injury plagued season in which he hit only three home runs, to put forth a very productive season—both offensively and defensively—for the Yankees.


Gold Gloves

Catcher: Gerald Laird (Detroit Tigers)

Simply stated, he’s throwing out more runners than anyone else in the league.


First Base: Mark Teixeira (New York Yankees)

His heroics with the mitt are a major reason why the Yanks find themselves in first place.


Second Base: Robinson Cano (New York Yankees)

Cano has simply been brilliant in every aspect of defensive play.


Third Base: Brandon Inge (Detroit Tigers)

His defensive statistics don’t do justice for the walking web gem that is Brandon Inge.


Shortstop: Jason Bartlett (Tampa Bay Rays)

Bartlett’s efficient play at shortstop has provided dividends for a strong Rays team.


Left Field: Carl Crawford (Tampa Bay Rays)

He may be a left fielder, but he has more range than almost any center fielder in the game today.


Center Field: Torri Hunter (Los Angeles Angels)

Hunter is one of the greatest center fielders of his era, and this season is no exception.


Right Field: Ichiro Suzuki: (Seattle Mariners)

Ichiro’s combination of great range and a cannon arm makes him one of the most dangerous defensive presences in baseball.


Pitcher: Mariano Rivera (New York Yankees)

It’s about time for this man to be paid his due. He may have been stripped of consideration for this award in the past because he is a closer, but the fact is that Mariano is one of the greatest-fielding pitchers of all time.



Silver Sluggers:

Catcher: Joe Mauer (Minnesota Twins)

Joe’s chase to end the season with a .400 batting average alone earns him this award.


First Base: Mark Teixeira (New York Yankees)

Despite starting the season slow, Mark has been batting with unbelievable power and clutch.


Second Base: Aaron Hill (Toronto Blue Jays)

Hill’s home run total is unworldly for a second baseman.


Third Base: Evan Longoria (Tampa Bay Rays)

Longoria is slowly becoming one of the best players in baseball today.


Shortstop: Derek Jeter (New York Yankees)

Despite getting up there in age, Derek is putting together a vintage season with the bat.


Outfield: Nelson Cruz (Texas Rangers)

Cruz is hitting the ball harder and farther than any other American League outfielder.


Outfield: Jason Bay (Boston Red Sox)

Jason Bay has done an excellent job filling the void left by Manny Ramirez.


Outfield: Ichiro Suzuki (Seattle Mariners)

Ichiro is once again leading the league with an inhuman batting average.


Designated Hitter: Adam Lind (Toronto Blue Jays)

He missed playing in the All-Star game, in large part because the home ball park was aligned with the National League. But all in all, Adam Lind is the best young DH in the game today.


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