Top Five Reasons Why the Minnesota Twins Must Be Buyers at the Trade Deadline

Sam Tastad@@samtastadCorrespondent IIIJuly 24, 2009

ANAHEIM, CA - JULY 23:  Justin Morneau  #7 of the Minnesota Twins flies out against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim during the baseball game on July 23, 2009 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Attention Bill Smith, the Twins need help right now! The Twins have had a rough series against the Oakland A's, losing two out of three. The first game they should have won. ]

The Twins built a lead with Morneau hitting two home runs, and collecting seven RBIs, yet they still lost.

They just about tied it in the ninth when Cuddyer came home after a wild pitch, yet the umpire got a bad angle on it, and called him out. Cuddyer should have been safe, and that would of tied it.

Then, Blackburn, and the bullpen couldn't hold the lead. The second game the Twins won. On Wednesday, the Twins lost 16-1. Glen Perkins struggled, and only pitched one inning, and gave up eight runs.

After that, the bullpen kept giving up more runs. The offense only got a home run from Morneau, and everybody else struggled. Yesterday, the bullpen blew up again, and the Twins lost 6-5 to the Angels.

Frustrated, embarrased, mad, there are so many words to describe that series against Oakland, and now against Anaheim.  Let's just hope they begin to improve, starting today.

The Twins need to get a deal done, or start playing better with the players they have. I will look at both situations, and examine the possibilities. 


Situation No.1:

The Twins have been rumored to be interested in making a deal for second baseman Orlando Cabrera and reliever Michael Wuertz. They are also interested in Freddy Sanchez, but is a more expensive option. He is batting better than Cabrera, but both are good fielders, and it could come down to how much the Twins want to spend.

For Cabrera and Wuertz, the Twins could give up two young prospects, like a position player and a pitcher. We could give up Carlos Gutierrez and Steve Singleton. If the Twins get Cabrera, they would get a good defensive player, which Garenhire likes, and an average hitter.

Sanchez brings these qualities as well.

They are both better than Punto and Casilla. By getting Wuertz, they can let Duensing and Mulvey continue to develop in Triple-A. Wuertz is currently 5-1, and has a 2.72 ERA. He could help take some of the pressure off Guerrier, and be a good middle relief pitcher.

For Sanchez, we would have to offer Casilla, and a few other above average prospects. Plus, Sanchez carries a large salary with him. If it's worth getting Sanchez—which I think it is—then Minnesota shouldn't worry about that.

I think they should go after Sanchez, but then additionally go after a reliever.

Situation No.2:

Don't go after anybody, and rely on who the Twins have. Let Alexi Casilla play at second base after getting called-up. He was hitting .340 in Triple-A, and has done better since getting called-up.

Stay with the pitchers they have and let them get healthy. Perkins needs to show the Twins his 2008 form, while Slowey needs to get healthy and be at his 2009 first-half form before getting injured. Blackburn is getting roughed up, and he needs his confidence back. Baker and Liriano are pitching better, and they need to continue to do so.

In the bullpen let Joe Nathan pitch more. Why do you think he's getting paid what he does? To pitch. He's proven and knows how to win games. Jesse Crain, Matt Guerrier, R.A. Dickey all need to be leaders in the second half.

Let's hope Bill Smith makes a deal, though. The Twins badly need it. Plus, if they get Sanchez, it can build toward a run at the World Series in 2010.


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