A NOC Special: Two Championship Matches for Divas

Christi LottCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2009

This Sunday will give WWE fans a sight never seen: two championship matches involving the Divas. I thought I'd take a special look at each match, and what its implications can be for the roster.


Divas Championship Match: Maryse(c) vs. Mickie James

This RAW match has been a long time coming for these two. A rarity for the Divas lately, these two have been in a feud since April when Maryse, and the title, was drafted to RAW.

Since that time Mickie has been able to get a few singles match pinfalls on the champ, as well as in tag team matches.

Meanwhile, Maryse has cleverly ducked and dodge the four-time Women's Champion, and used some very heelish moves to stay away from her, including spraying her in the face a few times with spray.

These two have it in them to put on a solid match. The few they've had have been good. Both Divas have nice personality and charisma, and with the very sexy Maryse taking on the very popular Mickie, the two are for sure to keep the fans involved.

I definitely see Mickie taking the win and becoming the second Diva to be both Divas and Women's champion, though I will personally consider her the best who will do this.

Mickie winning can bring Beth and possibly Jillian into the title spotlight, which I'd love to see. I'd be legitimately surprised if Maryse stayed champion. Gail Kim, to me, would then be the next best option for contender.


Women's Championship Match: Michelle McCool(c) vs Melina

This is a rematch from The Bash and has gotten practically no attention, as did their first match. I think this is mostly due to the title most likely not changing hands. They had a good, albeit, boring match the first time around. Hopefully, this match will be a bit different.

Melina is a solidly-over face, and was a good champion for as long as she held the belt. Though not the favorite pick, it was good for Michelle to get the title, as the face-to-heel ratio on Smackdown! is very weak.

Because I'm picking Michelle to win, the most likely next contender is Eve Torres. I personally don't think she's ready, but I don't know who else they'd put into the running as Maria is far from ever being ready for a championship run.

I'd like to see my favorite, Natalya, be in the title picture, as she is the real deal for me, and putting that title on her would give it a lot of prestige and importance. She's the next logical choice as contender if Melina were to regain the title.

This Sunday will be very entertaining to say the least. It's a bit ironic to me that Maryse, who beat Michelle for the Divas title, will be defending it on the same night Michelle is defending the Women's title.

Both have been, and are, capable champions, and now have two of the best opponents they can have to put on quality PPV matches. Hopefully, the WWE will give each match more than five minutes, as I think all four can put on a show.