San Diego Padres Fire 13 Front Office Employees

M.T. RobinsonCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2009

SAN DIEGO, CA - FEBRUARY 15:  A general view of the downtown skyline and the USA vs. Kenya Quarterfinal Match during the IRB Sevens World Series at Petco Park on February 15, 2009 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

We have officially hit the bottom of the ocean folks, just like the Titanic. Let the LIES continue. The Padres "laid off" 13 employees today, while we got to watch the world champion Phillies wax the current squad yesterday in Philadelphia 9-4.

New owner Jeff (I dont like Brown and Gold) Morad was quoted in the UT as saying that the only way the Padres will sign better players, is if we San Diegans all go out and buy season tickets. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. That's like telling us to pay for pizza that might get delivered in a year or 3.

I knew when I heard Morad on the radio back in April, that he was full of crap, and now the truth has been revealed for all to see. Between lame owners like Moores and  Morad, Padre fans have been raped and pillaged for nearly 10 seasons.

When the Pads were in the hunt in 2005 and 2006, not one player of consequence was added to help put them over the top. They won the division in 2 times because the rest of the division was in shambles.

Now that the Dodgers and Giants have gotten better, the Pads have been left in the dust. This is why Larry Lucchino left, because he is a professional, and he was dealing with utter amateurism in Moores.

I was stoked when I first got my position as a Padre writer here on Bleacher Report, and I still am, but its like covering the market crash of 1927. Sure, its news, but at what cost? All any Padre fan wants is for the Friars to NOT SUCK. Well, guess what? THE PADRES SUCK, FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.

I dont think I will ever be getting a press pass, because I tell the truth, a lost art at Petco. In fact, I DARE the Padres to let me into the press level on a daily basis, and prove to me that they know what they are doing. DARE. I wont hold my breath.

How much lower can we go? Will the Padres sign Bud Black to a five year extension? This team has no fire at all, and it starts with the Manager. Former Padre Manager Dick Williams would rip every player on the current squad a new orifice, for not caring. Black looks as if he is having a large bowel movement while in the dugout, and has shown the imagination of a rock in dealing with various strategies during games.

Maury Wills was a better major league manager, and he left a game to catch a plane, while his players were still on the field. But hey, Black is CHEAP. So what the heck, I will under bid him, I will take over as Padre manager for 3 hot dogs and a coke per game, and a beer cap. I expect to be signed ASAP. I guarantee My squad will know how to Bunt, how to Steal, and how to Win.

The Players have quit, especially since the front office dealt Scott Hairston away. I feel bad watching the current over matched squad deal with a real major league team like the Phillies. Men against fetus, not even boys. 3-17 since that deal.

So with 2 months and some change left in this season, what do Padre fans have to look forward to? Friarworks and gimmicky giveaways, and advertising telling us all that we are the luckiest fans in the universe. The announcers are afraid to say boo, because they will be fired 2 seconds after they tell the truth.

What a way to run a franchise. The Padres should be called the EDSELS from now on.