Postseason Soccer Awards For The Big Nine Confrence

Dee WilcoxAnalyst IMay 10, 2008

As we wind down the soccer season for most teams in East Tennessee, we hand out the postseason awards given to the outstanding student-athletes who participate every year

The Awards Were Given As Followed

Offensive Players Of The Year

David Geno- Sophmore- Dobyns-Bennett

Geno broke the season and career record for goals scored this year, he is only a sophmore.

Bennett Becker-Senior-Sullivan Central

Becker also broke school records for goals scored.

Defensive Player Of The Year

Bryce Herlong-Senior-Dobyns-Bennett

Herlong, A Senior leader for D-B  had a wonderful season,anything from free kicks dropping in behind the goalie or finding his fellow senior Colton Clark,Bryce had a all around season.

All Confrence 1st Team

Mitch Gardener-Senior Dobyns-Bennett

Craig Mitcham-Junior-Dobyns-Bennett

Colton Clark-Senior-Dobyns-Bennett

Chad Strickland-Senior- Dobyns-Bennett

Daniel Cutshall-Senior-Science Hill

Jay Lauderback-Junior-Science Hill

Jessier Dominguez-Junior-Science Hill

Brent Baker-Senior-Central

Austin Culberson-Sophmore-Central

Adam Griffith-Junior-South

Jordan Willingham-Junior-South

Joe slagel-Sophmore-TN High

Nick Reagan-Junior-TN High

Andy Rowe-Senior-Boone

Daniel Bishop-Sophmore-Crockett

2nd Team

Brad Davidson,Zack Jenkins,Colin O'Brien, and Chase Givens- Dobyns Bennett

TJ Carter, Michael Cutshall, and Matt Runyan-Science Hill

Kenneth Long and Neyland Hopkins-Central

Josh Woods and Jake Agner-South

Sergei Wallace and Aaron Haynes-TN High

Clinton Cody-Boone

Jake Peters-Crockett


Congradulations to all the Athletes this season, everyone represented their schools proudly and properly.

Good Luck to south and science hill who both advanced to the I-AAA Region Tournement, we are all sure they will represent the confrence well.