Michael Vick Has Gone From Crook To Victim

winslowContributor IJuly 24, 2009

There are individuals playing in the NFL today that have been found guilty of manslaughter, selling large amounts of cocaine, and even sexual assault.

Make no mistake about it, the scene at Vick’s house in Virginia, must have been comparable to something out of a horror film.  I literally feel sick to my stomach, when I think of the fact that an NFL star with millions of dollars, could actually hang dogs, smash their heads against concrete pavement, and drown them alive.

That being said, if Michael Vick had never spent a single day in prison; if Michael Vick’s only punishment had been the loss of $100 million dollars; I would feel that he had more than repaid his debt to society for his actions.

We hear monetary figures so often in relation to pro athletes, that we actually become numb to what amounts to be astronomical figures. 

To put this in proper context, generally speaking, we in society would consider an individual earning $1 million per year to be wealthy.  It is in fact true that a man earning $1 million per year, can purchase just about any car, home, boat, vacation, and/or brand of clothing that his heart desires.

However, if an individual earning $1 million per year were to spend his entire working life of 30 years, earning the same salary; he would retire with $30 million in career earnings.  Now, multiply this figure by three and this is the amount of money that Michael Vick lost…FOR KILLING DOGS!!!

Roger Goodell, if you’re out there; I understand that you feel a duty to please the people over at PETA, as well as dog lovers around the country, with your decision on Michael Vick’s future. 

Mr. Goodell, not only would it be fair for you to grant Vick immediate reinstatement to the league, but you actually owe Vick the opportunity to earn a living, based upon the hideous level of punishment that he has already suffered for his actions.

Quite frankly, it is time for the people over at PETA to get on with their lives.  Their 15 minutes are over, and they are quickly becoming the AL Sharptons of dog-fighting.  In other words, they are enjoying camera time, and trying to ride Michael Vick for their own personal agendas.

Michael Vick does not owe us an apology.  Michael Vick does not need to demonstrate humility.  Michael Vick lost $100 million dollars, and spent two years in prison…for killing dogs.

 No, Mr. Goodell, you should not follow suggestions by PETA to force Vick to undergo a psychological evaluation, prior to reinstating him to the NFL.

 Based on my ideas of how I would be thinking and feeling at this moment, if I had to suffer the loss of $100 million, and to spend two years in prison…for killing dogs; you may just find serial killer tendencies in his system.