Here's how BYU can play for the national title

Tony GuadagnoliContributor IJuly 24, 2009

Lots of talk, in case you hadn't heard, about Utah and the Mountain West this offseason. OK. whining moaning, old-fashioned politics. In other words, college football business as usual.

I've said the Utes can buy some T-shirts and celebrate as national champs after being the only unbeaten team, capping it off with a Sugar Bowl trouncing of Alabama. Wear those shirts and march right through downtown Gainesville if you want, who's going to care? You will get laughed out of town but, hey you did what was asked and won every game. Wear em proudly I say.

Cougar showing off the baby he won at the game

Photo courtesy of Flashbackhumor

Give us the title and nobody gets hurt, see.


This year the state of Utah might have a more legitimate claim to the BCS title. That's because BYU actually has a chance, a snowball's chance in Gainesville perhaps, but a chance nonetheless to gain a berth in the BCS title game.

Crazier things have happened already this offseason. A zebra - yes I said a zebra - was responsible for ending a Pittsburg (Kan.) State linebacker's season. Oh, and Nick Saban smiled at least three times at SEC Media Days. I told you it was a crazy offseason.

Anyway, the Cougars open with Oklahoma in Jerry Jones' sparkling new palace in Arlington, Texas. They also host Florida State a few weeks later and get TCU and Utah at home as well. Preseason MWC favorite TCU plays at Clemson and at Virginia.

Since we are still 41 days away from kickoff, let's do a little dreaming.

Let's say the Cougars pull a shocker and upset the Sooners in the Dallas Cowboys' new home. Then let's say Sam Bradford makes like Tim Tebow and leads the Sooners to a sweep the rest of the way. Oklahoma would have wins at Miami, plus the rest of the Big 12, but a loss to BYU.


The Big Ten, Pac-10, ACC and Big East champs all have at least one very bad league loss. Top-ranked Florida is unbeaten and cruising, but loses its season finale against Florida State. The Gators rebound to squeak out a win in the SEC title game.


What do the polls and computers do?


Oklahoma would seemingly get a berth because it went unbeaten in the Big 12 and would be forgiven for its opening loss to BYU. It certainly was forgiven for losing to Texas on a on a neutral field in 2008.


But does SEC champ Florida, with a recent loss to Florida State, still go over unbeaten BYU, which would have beaten Oklahoma and FSU?


“If BYU shocks Oklahoma then the sky is the limit and more impressive than TCU’s possible accomplishments,” BYU beat writer Dirk Facer of the Deseret News in Salt Lake City told me when I asked him about that scenario. “Question is, would the powers that be actually allow and outside to crash the BCS’s biggest party?”


That is the $18 million or so dollar question Dirk. My guess is that Florida still would get most of the votes. BYU would be deserving, but coaches and Harris poll voters would be hesitant to see a BYU-Oklahoma rematch. Most fans wouldn't like it much, either. Plus the BCS would be in a bigger tailspin than Auntie Em’s house by allowing the Cougars in.


Ah, but that’s what these dream sequences are for, at least until kickoff.