Ashley Cole and Adebayor Bitch At Arsenal

tumang bokabaCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2009

LONDON - APRIL 01:  Ashley Cole of England looks on prior to the FIFA 2010 World Cup Group 6 Qualifying match between England and Ukraine at Wembley Stadium on April 1, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

It is true then, hell hath no fury like a bitch scorned! And Ashley Cole is one mighty bitch.

The man who carries the reputation of slut has taken a dig at his former employers by stating he hopes Manchester City claim fourth place and knock Arsenal out the top four. Every one is entitled to an opinion and his counts for zero, except maybe the Judas Currency of which he will be the flag bearer.

The English International clearly has precious little love for the club that made him who he was. Who he was, because Arsenal cannot lay claim to developing him to a money grabber and match official insulting rubber doll he has turned out to be.

"I have friends at City and I hope they do really well—and that they finish above Arsenal," Cashely Cole said. Clearly loving the sound of his voice which he thinks might have been improved by his association with a half decent pop star continued.

"I think it's going to be hard for City but they could do it. They may click straight away and it's magic. I hope they do." Aah. Dimwit reasoning.

What Arsenal really did to upset Mr. Loyalty this much must be terrible. But he is not alone in dissing his former club. And whereas he has an above average chance of being regarded an Arsenal legend upon his conclusion of Cashley days, fan favorite and one-and-one-half season wonder Adebayor could not bare keep his money hole shut.

"I scored 30 goals for Arsenal two seasons ago and it was not my fault that AC Milan, Barcelona or Real Madrid wanted to buy me," he said. Wow. Talk about prostituting yourself.

"The way the fans turned against me was not nice. They didn't turn on Cesc Fabregas when Barcelona showed interest in him. When a player plays well clubs come in for him. The fans never understood that and I cannot understand why they went after me.

"I played my heart out for that club and gave it my best and the way the fans behaved towards me was not nice at all.

"I was in the same position as Cesc. Every summer Barcelona tried to sign him, but the fans never turned on him. I'd done everything, made a speech, played for three years, done my best.

"I came back from holiday and in my first training session they told me that they had accepted an offer for me.

"I asked Wenger why he wanted to sell me. I found out that Arsenal needed the money and that I was the target. I never wanted to leave.

"He can never ever stand up on TV or anywhere and say that last summer I told him I would be leaving. All I ever told him was I loved the club and wanted to stay. I'm happy they get their money and I hope they spend it well."

Greedybayor at his scintillating best and not even ashamed of taking Arsene Wenger on publicly, the very man who plucked him out of obscurity and gave him a chance to shine.

The Togolese striker should concentrate on his new team and staking a claim in the starting eleven and leave Arsenal be. He is not Cesc Fabregas and if he were he would have half the intelligence not to whore himself to the highest bidder.