TNA Recap: Can You Say M.E.M.?

D-KwikContributor IJuly 24, 2009

Another Thursday gone and another TNA Impact! in the books. Tonight's card was stacked...with old timers.

As many of you know after Victory Road, The M.E.M. have all the belts, excluding the Knockout and X-Divison.

Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, and Booker T showed their power by dominating their match-ups.

Kevin Nash faced Young Red for the TNA Legends championship. It was pretty much a one-sided match-up, but "the kid" showed us he had heart and I believe he might of earned the respect of Nash as well.

Now Bookerman & Freakzilla are the Tag Champs and faced their toughest opponents yet...Big Rocko & Sulay Man. The two security guards. Do I really need to go into detail on this match?

Anyways you know who are still Tag Champs.

Now onto the Knockout Battle Royal for $50,000 and a spot in the M.E.M. Skip to the end with Tracy coming back as the enforcer, leaving Tara & Awesome Kong left. Both battled and almost eliminated each other when Tracy then flips Kong & Tara over the ropes to win the match.

She jumps up and down and into Nash's arms, whooptie freakin doo.

The best match out of the night (which isn't saying much because they all sucked) was The TNA Originals with new member Eric Young, who is lookin to redeem himself, and The British Invasion with Daivari and the other dude. (please excuse me for not knowing their names, I haven't watched TNA in a while.)

Anyways, the match ended when Eric Young once again turns bad and screws over AJ Styles and the Orignals. Eric Young is now apart of The British Invasion, after hearing his words in a backstage promo.

The main event, Mick Foley Vs. Kurt Angle in a Keys on Pole Match. Yes I know, completely ridiculous, but this was to capture Mick's "power" and his office.

The match looked like two homeless men fighting for keys. I mean Mick has always looked like a homeless dude, but now Kurt with the beard and hair?

Anyways, there was really no wrestling involved, it was mainly just right hands from both men.

When Mick Foley seems to have won the match, guess who shows up, yup, you guessed it, The Beautiful Peopl...I mean Main Event Mafia.

The beat the holy hell out of Mick, then Angle grabbed the mic and tells Mick that he has one last match.

Bobby Lashley comes out, (big pop) and joins the M.E.M. by embracing the homeless dude in a singlet... I mean Kurt Angle.

Excuse me its almost 3 A.M. and TNA was boring enough, I am actually falling asleep writing this article.

But enough about me, lets get back to Lashley, the first ever person to pursue a career in MMA & Pro Wrestling, simultaneously.

Bobby closes his fist and looks as if he'll hit poor Mick Foley, but turns around and cold clocks Angle then presumes to clothesline everyone in the ring, excluding Foley.

TNA goes off the air with Bobby Lashley helping Mick and The M.E.M. running like scolded dogs after they were taken to the woodshed and whipped like government mules in one hell of a slobberknocker.

Sorry for all the J.R. analogies, but I thought it would liven up the article.

Stone Cold! Stone Cold!

Sorry that was the last one, anyways, if you have any comments then leave em,  and stay tuned for TNA updates. Woo Hoo...