Epic: Is Mark Buerhle Already One of The Best White Sox Pitchers Ever?

Ernest WilkinsCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2009

CHICAGO - OCTOBER 12:  Starting pitcher, Mark Buerhrle #56 of the Chicago White Sox delivers a pitch in the first inning against Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim during Game Two of the American League Championship Series on October 12, 2005 at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, Illinois.  The Angels lead the series 1-0.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

The first text came at 2:06 PM.

"Buerhrle is on steroids."

Having no love, respect, or tolerance for anyone who would besmirch the good name of anyone on the Sox, I immediately ran to the TV to see what was up.

What I saw was perfection.

Dewayne Wise -a man who I have been calling to be traded since the season started- made the Web Gem to end all Web Gems (and in the process, saying, "Ernest, tell me how my ass taste?") and No. 56 pitched the 18th perfect game in MLB history. By doing so, he joined a pretty exclusive list.

The thing was, he was already on one.

We're talking about being 1 of 3 (read that again) to pitch multiple no-no's, a perfect game, and winning a ring for the same team.

The other two? Two guys named Sandy Koufax and Cy Young. (Don't worry, I hadn't heard of them either.)

Bringing things closer to home after today's events, you have to start questioning his place in White Sox history. Let's look at the best ever for the Men in Black and see where he stands.

(Note: I won't be counting Shoeless Joe Jackson or Eddie Cicotte, because cheaters never win.)

Here's our rotation:

Ted Lyons: 21 seasons, Hall of Famer, pitched a no-hitter in 67 minutes, had his number retired.

Win-Loss record    260-230
Earned run average    3.67
Strikeouts    1,073

Red Faber:
20 seasons, Hall of Famer, #42 on the all-time wins List, last legal man to use the Spitball.

Win-Loss record    254-213
Earned run average    3.15
Strikeouts    1471

Ed Walsh:
12 seasons, helped designed Comiskey Park, Best career ERA (1.82) in Major League history, 6 sub-2.00 ERA seasons.

Win-Loss record   195-126
Earned run average    1.82
Strikeouts    1736

"Black Jack" McDowell:
7 seasons, 1993 Cy Young Winner, set an MLB record by recording a decision in each of his first 27 starts. Also flicked off all of Yankee Stadium,  as a Yankee.

Win-Loss record    127-87
Earned run average    3.85
Strikeouts    1,311

Mark Buehrle:
10 seasons, No hitter, Perfect Game, 4-time All-Star, World Series Ring. (Note: Stats are through yesterday.)

Win–Loss    132–90
Earned run average    3.78
Strikeouts    1,153

He's got a ways to go, but seeing as the guy is only 30, and his pitching style isn't high-velocity (he admitted he barely threw any fastballs during the perfect game), there's nothing to stop him from being one of, if not THE best Sox pitcher we've seen.

I know I'll be watching.  You should too.  


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