ECW: From Hardcore to Softcore

David PhillipsAnalyst IApril 11, 2017

Hello, folks, and welcome to my first installment of ECW from Hardcore to Softcore.My name is David Phillips and I've been a NASCAR writer for about six months and have decided to start writing here in the wrestling section.

I'm sure anybody thats been a wrestling fan remembers the old ECW, Rob Van Dam (not the watered down version that was in WWE) Sabu, Tazz, Balls Mahoney, the bWo, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Pit Bulls, Mike Awesome, Tajiri, etc. I'm sure I missed a few Oh yeah, don't forget Joel "had your wife's panties 'round my ear last night" Gertner and Joey Styles at the announce table.

In Paul Heyman's Extreme Championship Wrestling we saw barbed wire matches, Scaffold Matches, People lit on fire, Blood, the fans bring the weapons matches, Blood on every show.

It's a wonder anyone wanted to wrestle for the company, but they brought asses to the seats each and every time the show was on.

Today's ECW is a watered down, I mean very watered down version of ECW; I don't think there's been blood since the 2005-06 One night Stand's PPV's.

In my opinion ECW features the premier Commentators in Matt Striker and Josh Mathews no offence to the Jerry "King" Lawler he's always the best but Michael Cole sucks.

Tiffany is the GM for the ECW show which compared to Smackdown GM Teddy Long and RAW having guest host but we all know Vince is in charge of RAW.

Tiffany's role is eye candy; she fits that role very well also. I don't see her wrestling any time soon and is all right on the mic.

Then we have ECW champion Tommy Dreamer and No. 1 contender Christan which are strictly on ECW to bring a crowd both are talented.

Christian should be on a RAW but ECW is a good fit for now, Dreamer is mostly a fan favorite not a great wrestler in the ring and really dosn't deserve to be Champ in my opinion.

William Regal, a former King of the Ring, was drafted to ECW to help develop future stars; I basically could see a tag team with him and Vladimir Kozlov.

Vladimir Kozlov was brought to ECW to develop his skills and he really wasn't working out on Smackdown.

Shelton Benjamin is a should be World Champ and I can see that happening in ECW also sent to ECW to help develop his mic skills so he can be more marketable once he moves back to Smackdown or Raw.

Paul Burchill and Goldust are mainly on the show to help develop for the future even though Burchill is still young in his career.

Gregory Helms is playing the interviewer and will be in the ring before long; we will have to wait and see what develops from that.

Then we have Ezekiel Jackson and if you've seen this guy you probably have said what the hell no one should legitimately be able to beat this guy, this is one of the guys to watch out for.

Then there is Zack Ryder with a great gimmick; a whole lot better since he left Smackdown and he is a lot better as a single competitor than a tag team wrestler.

Then we have the New Superstars from the FCW such as Abraham Washington, Tyler Reks, Yoshi Tatsu, Sheamus, and more to come; I'm sure all of these are great talent and should fit ECW great.

As we can tell, the old ECW is dead and the new ECW is more of a development show than anything else. Hit me up and let me know what you think.