Last Year It Was Manny For Bay, Whats Theo's Next Big Move?

Kevin WeedallContributor IJuly 23, 2009

Well, I was going to write this article on Wednesday July 22nd but the Sox made that difficult with the moves they announced before the game against the Rangers that night.

The Sox picked up veteran Adam Laroche from the Pittsburgh Pirates for 2 decent minor league players. The one of the players the sox traded away was Argenis Diaz a shortstop who seems to field anything within his area code but also has offensive difficulties. The Sox have a shortstop in double A named Yamaico Navarro.  The Sox traded away a minor league pitcher which shouldn’t affect the Sox at all since they have a plethora of pitching at the minor and major league levels. This trade allows Francona to have more options on his bench than before as Laroche is also a lefty that can hit well in the second half of the season as he has done most of his career. This trade wont make the Yankees or Rays run out and trade away their whole minor league systems to combat the Sox trade but as Theo has proved time and time again – it can be the complimentary pieces that get you to the world series and ultimately win it all.


The Sox  had addition by subtraction by moving Julio Lugo (finally) to the St. Luis Cardinals for an outfielder that was jettisoned to the minors already. This was made possible with Jed Lowrie coming back and Nick Green showing this year that he belongs at the major league level with his clutch hitting (not a great average though) and his phenomenal fielding.


The Sox still need a leadoff hitter which they haven’t been able to find with the players on the current roster. They have tried Pedroia, Ellsbury, and J.D. Drew at the leadoff spot only to watch all three players have their averages drop dramatically in that slot.

I would like to see them possibly look into getting a player like Adam Dunne and see if Youk can try the leadoff spot. Dunne’s contract is up with the Nationals at the end of the season and he is hitting at a torrid rate as usual and they need the power that he brings. If it takes moving J.D. Drew and having to use a 3rd team to complete the trade then so be it, Drew is too streaky and always hurt. When Drew is on he is as good as almost anyone but that is usually only for one or two months a year and cant be counted on.

The Sox also are seriously looking at what it would take to add the big prize of the trade deadline in Roy Halladay. They have the minor leaguers that the Jays would require even though the Jays don’t want to trade him to a division rival they might not have a choice given the quality of minor leaguers that the Sox could throw at them.

As with any trade deadline its all going to be a waiting game and you never know what Theo has up his sleeve – who knows, we might end up with Alphonso Soriano and Halladay or we could end up with three more players we don’t know a whole lot about.

Either way I trust in Theo and the Sox braintrust of Luchino and John Henry.

Written By:

Kevin M.Weedall