What Would You Ask Nascar's Biggest Stars?

Danielle hendersonCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2009

DAYTONA, FL - FEBRUARY 08:  Jeff Gordon, driver of the #24 Dupont Chevrolet, talks to TV reporters as Casey Mears, driver of the #25 GMAC Chevrolet, looks on during the NASCAR media day at Daytona International Speedway on February 8, 2007 in Daytona, Florida.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

Have you ever thought about what you would ask Nascar's biggest stars given the chance?

I didn't think so, to be honest I am probably the only one here who has. But thats not a bad thing, all that means is that I am prepared for it.

I would ask Tony Stewart about how he feels about being a successful driver/owner and Mark Martin about his chances for the championship just to see his reaction.

I would ask Kasey Kahne for an autograph for my sister and ask Kyle Busch to play Simon says with me, just so I can make him say "I'm a dufus!". Yes I am immature, got a problem with that?

Looks like this is turning into a "what would you say to this driver?" article... Well then I will go through a bunch of drivers just too let you know what exactly I would do given the chance to interview them.

I would ask Jeff Gordon how father hood is and if it has changed his driving style. I would ask Jimmie Johnson if he was planning on shaving.

I would ask Dale Earnhardt Jr. something stupid like how his animals are doing or if he was planning to ever get married.

I would tell Scott Speed congratulations on getting married last weekend.

I would thank both Greg Biffle and Ryan Newman for all that do to help animals.

I would ask Brad Keselowski how he felt about Denny Hamlin, don't you remember that incident with Keselowski and Hamlin in 2007, when their crew members began fighting?

I would ask Kurt Busch if he has had fun dressing his Yorkshire terrier up lately (sorry Kurt).

I would ask David Ragan who he thought would be out at Roush Fenway racing in 2010.

I would ask Carl Edwards if was planning any more ESPN magazine covers.

I would congratulate Matt Kenseth on his new little girl.

I would ask David Stremme how bad you have to pee after a race, I would ask any driver this.

Now its time for your own, Just put what you would ask and which driver it would be active or not. Have fun!