2008 NFL Fantasy Football: Running Backs To Watch

Brian HibbittsContributor IMay 9, 2008

The 2007 fantasy football season was filled with surprises.

Adrian Peterson became a household name and Shaun Alexander lost his flare, or his line.

LT was still a big time player and Frank Gore declined from his 2006 season.

 Jamal Lewis showed signs of the old days and Reggie Bush made us wonder about his future.

All in all the 2007 fantasy football season was a fun one and gave us a taste for the 2008 season.

Like always, you can expect LT to lead the way for running backs. Even after a off year for him last year, he still lead all running backs in fantasy points with 293. He had almost 2000 total yards and 19 total touchdowns.

There is some concern for him this year though. He lost his fullback Lorenzo Neal. They had a chemistry you don’t find everyday. But despite that expect LT to be a lot of peoples #1 this year.

Next is the guy that everybody is talking about, Adrian Peterson. Last season he stunned everybody and became tied for the #3 running back in fantasy points with Joseph Addai.

In week 9 against the Chargers he set the record for most rushing yards in a game with 296. Against a defense like the Chargers I would have to say that it was very, very impressive.

This year I have high hopes for Adrian and see him finishing right behind LT in the standings.

Next is the new big man in Dallas, Marion Barber. With Julius Jones gone to Seattle, Barber knows this is his chance to shine even brighter.

Last year he racked up 1200 total yards and 12 touchdowns as a backup in most games. Expect this year to be his break out year. Felix Jones will provide some support, but don’t expect him to take too many carries away from Barber.

Next on my little list is Ronnie Brown, who if not injured could have been an elite running back in the fantasy world last year.

He had a span of 4 games where he was over 100 yards in each game.

In 7 games last season he had almost 1000 yards and 5 touchdowns. I think that he will keep up what he started last year, despite his injury.

Expect him to be a great first round choice, probably late first round though.

Last on my top 5 is Brian Westbrook, who finished second last year in points behind LT.

He is an every down back and has exceptional hands for a running back which makes him so deadly.

Last year he had 2100 total yards and 12 touchdowns, 5 of which were receiving. I expect him to keep up his amazing play and be a top guy this year.

Some of the other guys I think you should keep an eye on are Clinton Portis who, like every year is unpredictable.

Joseph Addai:  Can he keep up his play in Indy?

Jamal Lewis:  Is he really back?

Willis McGahee:  Can he turn it around?

Reggie Bush:  Where is the superstar we all wanted?

Darren McFadden:  This years Adrian Peterson?

Steven Jackson:  Can he become the leader?

Marshawn Lynch:  Will Peterson overshadow his good play again this year?

And you never know who will step up and become a force. Running backs are the most confusing of the bunch, but they do earn a lot of points in fantasy.