The Rock Meets The Superstars Of TNA

D-KwikContributor IJuly 23, 2009

This is a little something I put together, what would happen if The Rock met the stars of TNA? Well you are about to find out.

Every TNA star is in the ring for an anniversary and celebrating when "The Great One" makes a sudden surprising entrance, the fans are going wild and the wrestlers are stunned.

The Rock- Finally The Rock has come back to New York City!

Kurt Angle- Rock? What the hell are you doing here?

The Rock- Shut your mouth jabroni, The Rock will tell you what he's doing here. Ya see The Great One was just passing throw, got done eating some Chinese food down the street and thought ehh, what the hell I'll go check out this TNA crap.

Now The Rock Stands here, and sees a lot of familiar faces. Booker T, the spinerroni master, the 5 time WCW champion. Haha you know what The Rock remembers about you Book?

Booker T- Nah Rock what's that?

The Rock- When The Rock layed the smackdown on your candy ass for the WCW title!

Booker T gets upset and tries going to face The Rock, but Angle is holding him back.

Kurt Angle- Listen Rock, I'd advise you to watch your mouth, or we're going to come up there.

The Rock- "I'd advise you to watch your mouth" Ahh, shut your mouth you bald headed sum b****.

Kurt Angle- Oh ya? Well your looking at the TNA world champion. What do you think about that?

The Rock- Well The Ro...

Kurt Angle- It doesn't matter what you think!

Kurt starts laughing hysterically, and he is very proud of himself and so is the M.E.M.

The Rock-(chuckling) That's good Kurt, but The Rock wants you to take that belt of yours, shine it up real nice, keep shinin it, almost as shiny as your head, and turn that sum b**** sideways and stick it straight up your monkey ass!

Kurt seems livid, and gives the mic to Kevin Nash.

Nash- Rock maybe you haven't heard, you were making too many Disney movies, but we are The Main Event Mafia, nobody messes with us.

The Rock- The Rock sees the M.E.M. in the ring, ya whats a matter retirement not good enough? You think you have summin to prove, you should all be in a nursing home playing bingo why The Beautiful People wipes your asses.

M.E.M. are getting heated, and doing everything they can not to go after The Rock.

Ah,Mick Foley, You & The Rock go way back, The Rock & Sock Connection, but look at ya now, what in the blue hell are you doing?

Mick Foley- Well Rock, it's nice to see you too, It's not so bad here, and I have to make a living.

The Rock- It's not so bad here? You must be jokin with The Rock, maybe those 8 chair shots messed your head up a bit, The Rock watched TNA, It's complete monkey crap! The only TNA The Rock needs is out there in the audience babay!

Ok now The Rock sees a lot of new faces in the ring as well, let me get my chart here.

First up Samoa Joe, your the one with the Mike Tyson Tattoo, haha look at ya, you look like an idiot.  A Monkey & a piece of crap made love, out came your big ass.

Joe- Rock, I will break you in half!

The Rock- Woah woah woah woah woah WOAH! Break The Rock in half, The Rock don't roll that way jabroni, why don't you break Scott Steiner in half, The Rock knows hes into that, he loves the strudel!

Next up we got AJ Styles, excuse The Rock if he's wrong but didn't The Rock see you as Christian's b****? Haha well that make you The Rock's b****, seems how Christian is The ROck's b****.

Everyone in the TNA ring is extremely pissed off.

Listen The Rock is a very important man, so The Rock is going to run through the list real quick.

Abyss-dumb ape with a mask. The Motor City Machine Guns? You guys use your machine guns on each other, thats cool. Umm, The Dudleyz- seemingly homosexuals.

Well The Rock's got to go but, he wants to try something he picked up from the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice awards.

Everyone in the ring is confused, until green slime is brought down on every wrestler in the ring, they are all cover in slime and extremely pissed off.

The Rock(smiling)- If ya smelllllllllllllalalalalalalalalowwwwwwww what The Rock... Is... Cookin