Little Rock's Annual "Sweat Bee 7's" Tournament, Now Part of the TOLA Series

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Little Rock's Annual

It's that time of year again, and Little Rock is hosting its annual "Sweat 7's Tournament." It will be held on July 25, 2009 at the Greater Little Rock Rugby Complex.

This year brings a new level of competition as we are now part of the TOLA series. The entry fee is $200. Check out the flyer. We hope you can make it.

Feel free to email either myself or John Keller



Little Rock


Oklahoma City
Little Rock

Not Confirmed

El Azul
Bentonville Blues

This tournament is proud to be part of the TOLA Seven's Series.

Current TOLA Standings

Ranking Team Total points
1 Beavers 13
2 Mockingbirds 8
3 Glendale 7
4 Phatties 6
5 St. Louis 5
6 Dallas 5
7 Beavers 2 4
8 Arkansas 3
9 Texas Tech 1
10 Oklahoma 1
11 HARC 1
12 Freemartinis 1
13 Memphis 1

Remaining Events for TOLA
  • 8/1/09—"7's by the Sea"—Corpus Christi, TX (TOLA Series)
    Contact: James Rangel: Email James
  • Aug. 8—"Horseshoe 7's" & TOLA Finals (Shreveport)
    Contact: Drew Tomsak: Email Drew

**For a comprehensive list of 15's & 7's Rugby Tournaments, click here!!

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