Who Is The Perfect Team For Michael Vick?

Eric WolfContributor IJuly 23, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - DECEMBER 31:  Michael Vick #7 of the Atlanta Falcons looks to pass against the Philadelphia Eagles in NFL action December 31, 2006 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles won 24-17.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

The Atlanta Falcons are the perfect team for Michael Vick. That's right, I said the Atlanta Falcons. Before everyone laughs and say that I've lost my mind, hear me out. 

When Mike Vick was the face of the NFL, where was he most beloved - ATLANTA.  Even when the Falcons were losing, the stadium was still being sold out because everyone wanted to see him. Even last season, there were more #7 jerseys in the stands than anything else. 

Second, Matt Ryan is the man in Atlanta and he actually idolized Mike Vick and feels that Vick should be given another chance (per interview on ESPN).  Matt Ryan's savior stamp could be softened if the man that "owned the town" is helping bring the Falcons their first ever back to back winning seasons. Remember, Vick set history for being the first QB to win in Green Bay during the playoffs.

Third, Mike Vick owes the Falcons and Arthur Blank money so what is a better way to get your money back than to have him work it off. Arthur Blank still "loves" Vick and stated that he deserves a second chance. The Falcons could give him a league minimum salary with a small signing bonus and player incentives for 1 year. 

Fourth, Chris Redman is your #2 behind Matt Ryan and D.J. Shockley is still a project.  Vick can and would unseat Redman and can actually mentor Shockley on the styles of a running QB. Worst case, Vick has to play couple of games if Ryan goes down.

Last but certainly not least, can you just picture the Atlanta Wildcat formation with Vick at QB, Michael Turner as the inside bruiser RB, and Jerious Norwood as the pitch receiving RB while Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White streak downfield as your main receivers? 

Pick your poison on that. 

Either Turner runs you over or Vick runs with the ball or could always make he pitch to the equally as fast Norwood. If all else fails, he can loft it up down field for Gonzalez or White.

I know that this will not happen, but this would get so much pub for not only the Falcons home games but also for their road games as well. He would be the hated villain of the road team that all teams try to take out. There will be no blackouts, just sell outs and prime time left and right.